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How our software can encourage engagement throughout your organisation

High turnover and low engagement cost companies billions every year.

When people don’t feel they’re achieving their potential, they quickly become disengaged – the work suffers, and eventually they leave. With teams spread across countries and continents, how do you try to pick up that engagement when it starts to dwindle?

Fuel50 is designed specifically to help organisations create happier teams: employees who’re engaged, present – employees who want to create the right results for customers and shareholders alike.


Build career plans

To get where you want to be, you need to know your route. Fuel50 has a set of tools to help employees build their own career plans: complete with reminders and timeframes.

Create profiles

Everyone can create their own individual profile: their role, skills and interests. This way, you start to build an internal network, looking across the organisation to see what roles suit your talent.

Support connected conversations

Fuel50 allows leaders and managers schedule and track connected conversations throughout the year –and gives the useful data to fuel and support those conversations.

Give your managers the tools they need

Help managers understand their development path, learn different coaching styles, handle difficult conversations and learn how to give feedback.

Matchmake mentors to mentees

Your team can look through mentor profiles and link up with the right person to help them achievetheir goals.

Support your HR team

Fuel50 helps you sort the hot roles from the blocked roles – the people planning to stay where they are. This way, you can map out your talent and start succession planning.

Getting more connected to careers

With Fuel50, your employees can:
  • connect and learn from others in jobs like theirs
  • become more self-aware with reports on their personal values, career engagers and talents
  • measure themselves against your organisation’s competency framework
  • know what skills they need to reach their goals with a Skills Analysis Report
  • develop these skills, supported by their manager and set ‘stretch projects’
  • find mentors, volunteer for projects and identify new opportunities
  • see the career journeys of people in roles they aspire to

For managers

WithFuel50, managers get lots of information about their teams. What drives them? What are their talents –and where is that talent untapped? They can use this information to create happier employees who work harder, stay longer and go the extra mile.

For organisations

From a company-wide perspective, the best thing about Fuel50 is the data. You’ll be able to track your organisation’s career engagement as whole; analyse skill gaps; support succession planning and create a career-focused talent pipeline. The upshot: greater productivity, greater profitability.

For employees

On an individual scale, Fuel50 helps people create a profile and a career plan. In short, it gives them all the tools they need to manage and track their own career and become more self-aware in the process


What they’re saying about Fuel50

“It’s easy to access. Straightforward and takes only a short time to complete. But the insights have real depth. Reports are so valuable for realising people’s potential and having more focused conversations.”

Claire Barraclough – DS Smith

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