NetApp is in the middle of a business transformat on from a traditional data storage business to a cloud company. Those require two entirely different sets of skills and two different mindsets for who to sell to. As a result, their talent needs to evolve. That’s where Fuel50 came in.

According to Larry McAlister, VP of Global Talent at NetApp, they were “flying blind”. Although they had a very clear vision, based on their business imperatives, NetApp needed
to innovate their talent practices for the future of work, or they were “going to lose”. What they needed were high-performing teams that worked together to grow and evolve their skills and roles within the organisation, ultimately supporting the transformation of the business. To achieve that, NetApp had to change the entire way that they were looking at their employee leader relationships and the way their people worked together. They needed to make the conversation between employees and managers more authentic, more productive, and real.

NetApp was looking to find a way to future-proof their talent. They wanted to enable and support internal talent mobility and workforce agility throughout their organisation to ensure that they were developing and retaining their people.

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