How We Help Support Individuals To Unlock Their Potential

We don’t believe there’s a one size fits all approach to coaching. We pride ourselves on creating a bespoke coaching programme that works for the individual.

Our Coaching Principles


Better engagement is for everyone

When you develop your leaders, you end up with a happier, more engaged team overall.


Start with strengths

We don’t look for the gaps in someone’s CV; we find out what drives them, and help them use it to create their own style of management.


Coaching is about the career

Not just the role. We work with people to help them understand what they need to do more of (or less of) to grow for the future.


Coaching should be both practical and theoretical

All our coaches are professionally accredited, as well as having on-the-job expertise and management experience.

Executive Coaching at 10Eighty

Coaching programmes to suit your every need

Career Conversations
Executive Coaching

Strategic thinking and planning. Strategic decision making. Working in complex. environments. Leadership

Leadership Coaching
Leadership Coaching

Role and purpose. Self-awareness. Influence and engaging others. Stakeholder management. Leadership styles and behaviours. Presence and impact

Digital Coaching
Digital Coaching

10Eighty’s NEW Executive Coaching app ‘Flow’ acts as a central hub for development, connecting coachees with coaches. Coachees have the ability to access educational courses, development materials, podcasts, discussion forums, and coaching groups.

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In House Coaching Programmes
Team Coaching

Enabling a team to demonstrate its value to the organisation. Enabling a team to improve its relationships, functioning, stakeholder engagement and performance

Personal Development
Personal Development Coaching

Influencing and assertiveness. Self-confidence and self-esteem. Managing priorities. Delivering powerful presentations. Building impact

Resilience Coaching

Developing personal resilience and self-confidence, for example, creating strategies to deal with adversity and change

Maternity Coaching
Maternity Coaching

Maternity coaching empowers working women to take responsibility for making their maternity positive both for themselves and their employer. It also increases the retention of highly skilled employees within organisations and reduces the costs of re-hiring and induction.

Career Coaching
Career Coaching

Career clarity – values. Identifying strengths and skills. Career direction. Brand and reputation. Building network. Career planning

We can design and deliver a combination of executive education together with executive coaching. Topics covered include leadership; strategic thinking; critical thinking; innovation; leading change.

We have partnered with Ethical Angel to provide an optional and alternative way for coachees to embed their learning from their coaching programme.

This partnership allows for programme participants to identify skills they want to develop, and then practise those skills with causes that need those skills. This enables participants to develop in a new environment and at the same time make a difference to a worthwhile cause.

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I very much enjoyed my coaching experience with 10Eighty. I found my coach to be both supportive and challenging. I was new to my leadership role, and he was an excellent sounding board as I navigated my way through those trials and tribulations all new leaders experience. He has a wealth of experience that ranges from achieving corporate objectives, managing teams effectively and influencing key stakeholders, that I found very helpful. I can recommend the coaching services of 10Eighty without hesitation.

Guillermo Felices, Head of Research & Strategy, BNP Paribas

My coach has a wealth of experience and is a very seasoned general manager. It was a hugely positive experience to work with her, in particular, she provided me with a huge amount of confidence around the contribution I can make to the business in terms of helping to develop others and providing more of an input to, and critique of, broader business strategies.

Andy McLaughlin, MBNA Bank of America

I am delighted to recommend 10Eighty. I I found my coach to be both challenging and supportive. He worked very hard to understand my business and provided wise counsel. He also spent time working with my management team to help us be more effective. My coach used 10Eighty’s extensive network of coaches to support another member of my team.

Rupert Hare, CEO, Houlder Ltd

My coach Michael has helped me to approach projects, communications and activities very differently over the last 2 years and importantly helped me to develop myself in my new role ensuring that I gained the desired effect. He has helped me to reflect on how I am approaching such activities and of course responding to events. Each time the desired effect has helped to build up my profile and role in Europe, so as time has gone on colleagues are now asking for my help , support or input, something I could only have dreamed about at the start of this journey. The coaching I have had has been invaluable and its worked brilliantly.

Wendy Rowe, Director of Product, Vision and Strategy, Wolters Kluwer

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