Getting the best from people

We believe coaching is about two things: helping people feel more satisfied in their work, and at the same time, improving their performance.

It can be both a support and a challenge; a safe space to work through changes – personal and organisational. The right coach can help your team learn new skills, become more self-aware, and set specific, measurable goals – both short-term and strategic. It’s perfect for people who are in the process of realising their full potential.

Our Coaching Principles

  • Better engagement is for everyone. When you develop your leaders, you end up with a happier, more engaged team overall.
  • Start with strengths We don’t look for the gaps in someone’s CV; we find out what drives them, and help them use it to create their own style of management.
  • Coaching is about the career Not just the role. We work with people to help them understand what they need to do more of (or less of) to grow for the future.
  • A practical and theoretical opinion All our coaches are professionally accredited, as well as having on-the-job expertise and management experience.

What our clients think

My coach has a wealth of experience and is a very seasoned general manager. It was a hugely positive experience to work with her, in particular, she provided me with a huge amount of confidence around the contribution I can make to the business in terms of helping to develop others and providing more of an input to, and critique of, broader business strategies.

Andy McLaughlin, MBNA Bank of America


I am delighted to recommend Michael Moran and 10Eighty. I worked with Michael as my executive coach and I found him both challenging and supportive. He worked very hard to understand my business and provided wise counsel. Michael also spent time working with my management team to help us be more effective. Michael used 10Eighty’s extensive network of coaches to support another member of my team.

Rupert Hare, CEO, Houlder Ltd

Hear from our coaches

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