Career Management

Career Management

Career management experts with the tools for success

We help people understand their interests and values and align these to their skills to find a career they will be truly passionate about. In the last 15 years, the founders of 10Eighty have helped 75,000 people manage their careers.

At the heart of our proposition is the return on investment that corporate clients experience as a result of a 10Eighty intervention. Evidence tells us that engaged employees are more productive, more loyal, take less time off work, generate high levels of customer satisfaction and this generates shareholder value. Put simply, the organisation is more profitable.

The dilemma is our inability to predict the future. As Canadian ice hockey player Wayne Gretzky says, it’s about moving to where the puck is going to be.

10Eighty career management tools

We’ve developed a suite of career management tools to help you understand your drivers, skills and career direction. All together they make up a rich mix of online tools to support  individuals manage their career and organisations manage the careers of their staff.

10Eighty’s Fuel50

Specialised interactive online tools providing detailed career direction

10Eighty’s Fuel50 will help you better understand yourself (your values, your motivators, your talents) and develop a career plan, so you can make your intentions known inside and outside of your current job. A successful career is all about having a plan and sharing that plan with your network

10Eighty’s Fuel50 takes users on an interactive career management journey delivering career clarity and engagement at work. It’s been designed to create a career-engaged workforce through employee-owned engagement using tools that help managers to have great career conversations with their staff.


EE-Elearning-Screenshot-6Our virtual learning programme provides invaluable advice on employability

For a detailed career appraisal try our “Everlasting Employability” virtual learning programme, inspired by the book of the same name, and jointly developed with e-learning consultancy Marshall ACM we offer this entertaining scenario-based e-learning course.

With interactive multimedia content to help you maximise and frame your personal insights it looks at Career MOTs, (crucial regular insights to help you make the right career choice) Career Options, Personal Branding (“Two Point You”), Networking, Interviews and Employability for life…


book-back-cover-1020x585Our “Guide to Everlasting Employability” will help you to career plan, guaranteeing career success now, and in the future

Written by 10Eighty’s CEO Michael Moran and MD Linda Jackson “The Guide to Everlasting Employability” is perfect to revisit as you review and manage your career, and will  help you build your career over time.

As Jessie J sings: “It’s not about the money, money…”, that’s important, but it’s not as important as job satisfaction. This book will help you to enjoy your work and enjoy the rest of your life.


10Eighty's Career Ladders app on iTunes and Google PlayDownload our free Careers Ladder app on your iPhone, iPad, iPod or Android device

Play the game to check how you’re managing your career – assess your strengths and weaknesses in eight keys areas in under 10 minutes. Play it again a few months later and check how you’re doing.

Just follow this link to download Career Ladders from iTunes for your iPhone, iPod or iPad and follow this link to download from Google Play for your Android device and join the 700 people from as far apart as Peru and Australia who have already downloaded the app.

Careers Ladder has already received some very favourable reviews on iTunes and Google Play, including this one from Mandy Naughton who downloaded the app for her Samsung Galaxy S2:

“Simple but asks you all the right questions so you can focus on achieving what you want from your career coupled with how you are going to get there.”

Values & Skills Cards

Skills-cards-1020x761Understand your motivators with our Values Cards, appreciate your talents with our Skills Cards

Increase your personal drivers at work with our Values Cards – Our Values Cards provide a practical and highly visual way to identify your personal drivers – those things that give you satisfaction at work and increase engagement in your job.

Identify your talents and passions with our Skills Cards – Our Skills Cards will enhance awareness of your talents and passions, and help you identify your skills gap: the areas you need to develop to achieve your career goals.

What do we mean by career management?

Forward planning by the organisation and the employee. It’s where you want to be.

For organisations it’s about ensuring you have the right people and resources for a sustainable future – the right people, in the right place at the right time.

For individuals  it’s about understanding where you want to be in 3 to 5 years time, identifying what the very best candidate needs by way of qualifications, skills and experience, and a self assessment to identify aspirational competencies.

Reports for individuals and managers

When 10Eighty work with individuals or with managers we produce personalised reports. Just follow these links to view a sample values report and a sample manager’s summary report.

Employee engagement: the evidence

Substantial research has emerged demonstrating the importance of employee engagement. It’s no longer an added extra, it’s fast becoming an essential for any employer.

Research by The Work Foundation states that increasing employee engagement by 10% puts £1500 per employee on the bottom line of the business.

The 2010 Towers Watson global workforce survey showed that 85% of employees understood that they are responsible for their own career, but only 43% felt they were equipped to take on this role.

‘The Evidence’, a comprehensive report produced by the Engage For Success taskforce supported by Marks & Spencer and the University of Bath in November 2012, looks at the evidence for employee engagement and its impact on performance and productivity in the UK economy.

You can find out more about Engage for Success’ work by visiting their website. And you can view Marks & Spencer’s HR Director, Tanith Dodge’s SlideShare presentation on employee engagement.

The CIPD ‘research insight’ Managing Careers for Organisational Capability says: “Good career management drives engagement, poor career management breeds dissatisfaction.”

So how can 10Eighty help?

  • We provide one to one and group workshop career coaching.
  • We can upskill your managers to have successful career conversations that drive engagement.
  • We can build in-house capability for career coaching and mentoring programmes.
  • We have worked with 75,000 individuals and over 500 organisations over the last 15 years.
  • We have a range of career management tools

Working with 10Eighty has literally transformed my life, not only career wise but for my two teenage daughters as well. The training programme provided by Michael and Linda, energised, educated and empowered me in my role as Colleague Support Advisor. My career cobwebs were literally `blown away`, enabling myself and colleagues to review the past and move into the future knowing why, how and whom. The resources provided were fun and interactive. I found the skills were transferrable and enabled my daughter at University to be more assertive, change course, apply for jobs and lead a happier more fulfilling life. My younger daughter has also chosen her A levels wisely knowing what drives and motivates her. Thank you 10Eighty.
Sharon Turner, Senior Nurse Advisor at NHS Direct

Focus on 10Eighty’s Fuel50

Two recent studies showed 37% of employees had never had a career conversation with their line manager, and 75% of organisations did not provide career coaching. 10Eighty’s Fuel50 enables you to invest in career management ensuring you don’t miss out on a major opportunity to increase employee engagement and support an increase customer satisfaction and business profitability.

Benefits – to your organisation
Tracks career engagement across organisation; understand primary drivers and motivators of key target groups; measure career progress; ensures talent pipeline is agile and career-engaged.

Benefits – to your employees
Delivers career plan and enables ownership of their career; provides tools to manage, track and take ownership of their career; gain a clear line of sight to opportunities within the organisation.

Benefits – to your managers
Supports powerful, productive and focused career conversations with employees; gives a deeper understanding of their team’s motivators, drivers and talents; provides a full appreciation of untapped talent and potential within employees.

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