Thinking long term

Helping your team manage their careers

People work best when they’re passionate: they’re more productive. They’re more likely to stay loyal to the organisation. And they take less time off.

Put simply: the more passionate your employees, the more profitable your business.
But finding that passion at work can be tricky. Particularly if it means breaking out of set habits, patterns and routines.

Over the last 15 years, we’ve given 75,000 people the help they need to manage their careers long-term–to decide where it is they really want to be, and then help them get there.

Tools you can trust

We’ve created tools to help you manage your own career, and to help organisations manage their employees’ careers.


Spark career connections with Fuel50


Connected Conversations

Keep talking with Connected Conversations


Career Ladders App

Help people get ahead with our Career Ladders app


Mentorpotania App

Stepping stones to build your mentoring capabilities.


But where do you start?

Helping people find purpose and motivation in their day-to-day job is no small task. Where do you begin?
  • Arrange one-to-one or group career coaching workshops
  • Train your managers to have career conversations with their team
  • Build in-house career coaching and mentoring programmes

What our clients think

Working with 10Eighty has literally transformed my life, not only career wise but for my two teenage daughters as well. The training programme provided by Michael and Linda, energised, educated and empowered me in my role as Colleague Support Advisor. My career cobwebs were literally`blown away`, enabling myself and colleagues to review the past and move into the future knowing why, how and whom. The resources provided were fun and interactive. I found the skills were transferrable and enabled my daughter at University to be more assertive, change course, apply for jobs and lead a happier more fulfilling life. My younger daughter has also chosen her A levels wisely knowing what drives and motivates her. Thank you 10Eighty.

Sharon Turner, Senior Nurse Advisor at NHS Direct

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