10Eighty are proud to showcase a new dedicated executive coaching programme which offers support to c-suite level business leaders to ensure that they are working to the best of their abilities, covering issues such as leadership, prioritisation, horizon scanning and key decision making.

In conjunction with national law firm Browne Jacobson the launch of the Space + Time programme is supported by a team of expert coaches.

Designed by Iain Blatherwick, Executive Coach at 10Eighty and former Managing Partner at Browne Jacobson, this initiative is targeted across various business sectors including law, accountancy, professional services, public sector organisations, family business and SMEs. Throughout the programme, participants will be encouraged to reflect on their performance, priorities and development needs.

10Eighty emphasise coaching that enables individuals to maximise job satisfaction and career success to ensure profitability and shareholder value. Our coaches have helped hundreds of organisations and thousands of individuals across all sectors to achieve successful career transitions.

Research shows the benefits associated with effective executive coaching which include improved executive focus, better alignment of key leadership behaviours, accountability for appropriate leader behaviours, improved emotional intelligence and ego control (Longenecker, C. and McCartney, M. 2020).

C-suite leaders can become more effective and can experience great benefits when they work with an effective executive coach and this can have a powerful impact on organisational performance and an organisation’s culture. We focus on coaching for results: building practical capabilities that actually produce better results in the real world as a priority.

Bill Gates says: “Everyone needs a coach. We all need people who will give us feedback. That’s how we improve.”

We believe that 10Eighty share the same values as Browne Jacobson, and passionately believe in the power of coaching to help improve the performance of both people and organisations. The investment made in improving the skills of senior executives offers a long-term benefit for both individual and organisation.

We are excited to see the Space+Time programme flourish.

Michael Moran

Michael is CEO and Founder of 10Eighty. He is passionate about helping people maximise their potential and believes everyone should have job satisfaction and a successful career. He helps organisations design jobs and career paths that maximise employee engagement. As an avid reader/commentator on the world of work and sport, he regularly draws parallels between the two. You could describe Michael as a budding author with “The Guide to Everlasting Employability” already under his belt, and technophile who’s created 2 career management apps to help people manage their careers.

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