Dealing with change and making successful transitions

Change is never easy. But it can be a good moment to take stock: what are my skills? What are my achievements? What are my goals –even my hopes and dreams?

We work with people to help them understand these things, then translate the information into realistic options. Alongside this big-picture thinking, we equip people with day-to-day tools to help their transition, and use our network where we can.

For organisations

It’s about making sure you have the people and resources for a sustainable future – the right people in the right place at the right time.

For individuals

It’s about understanding where you where you want to go next, and where you’d like to be in the future: how do you get the right skills and qualifications? What do you prioritise?

Who do we support?

Change can come at any moment in any career: so we support people at all levels. Our service is always personalised: everyone will get advice that’s right for their skills and experience.

Client Testimonial

How do we help?

Each programme is made to fit, but it might include:

  • Meeting with a career coach at a time and place to suit them
  • Research into industry opportunities to create a targeted approach
  • Psychometric assessments to identify skills, aspirations and values
  • Using Fuel50 to understand yourself and put together a career plan
  • Writing and producing an effective CV
  • Coaching on how to respond to the emotional side of change
  • Advice on working for yourself, portfolio careers and active retirement
  • Creating a personal brand and networking with online tools like LinkedIn
  • Access to our Career Portal

Hear from our coaches

What our clients think

In a job market where employers are spoilt for choice, working with 10Eighty can make the fundamental difference between getting a job offer or failing to even get on the shortlist. They really take the time to understand the situation and treat everyone as an individual with a tailored approach.

Marietta Connery, Head of HR Services at Schroders