How we help your exiting employees transition to new employment

We make the individual client central to everything we do; we gain satisfaction from helping people to fulfil their potential and we take pride in the service we deliver. Co-Founder Liz Sebag-Montefiore explains how we do this.

Who do we support?

Change can come at any moment in any career: so we support people at all levels. Our service is always personalised: everyone will get advice that’s right for their skills and experience.


It’s about making sure you have the people and resources for a sustainable future – the right people in the right place at the right time


It’s about understanding where you where you want to go next, and where you’d like to be in the future: how do you get the right skills and qualifications? What do you prioritise?

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What's included?

Each programme is made to fit, but it might include:

  • Meeting with a career coach at a suitable time and place
  • Research into industry opportunities to create a targeted approach
  • Psychometric assessments to identify skills, aspirations and values
  • Using Fuel50 to understand yourself and put together a career plan
  • Writing and producing an effective CV
  • Coaching on how to respond to the emotional side of change
  • Advice on working for yourself, portfolio careers and active retirement
  • Creating a personal brand and networking with online tools like LinkedIn
  • Access to our Career Portal

The outcomes of this support might be:

  • Ideal next job
  • Portfolio career
  • Further study
  • Transition to retirement
  • Starting up a business
  • Or something else altogether

Career Transition at 10Eighty

Programmes to suit every individual

Career Transition

Our comprehensive career transition programme is tailored to individuals ensuring that all aspects of career transition and skills training are covered, including self-awareness, creating a career plan, self-marketing and interview skills.

Executive Transition

Our executive transition programme provides flexible support, combining individual discussions and webinars giving individuals time to explore choices, options and aspirations for both the immediate future as well as longer-term career vision

Career Coaching

Our career coaching programme helps to identify strengths and talents and develops job search strategy. Individuals will become familiar with the Proactive Job Search model, how to target organisations and understand personal brand.

Why work with us?


Total coaching hours delivered in 2021


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How we helped Sarah and her team with outplacement support for the 100+ employees who faced redundancy

In a job market where employers are spoilt for choice, working with 10Eighty can make the fundamental difference between getting a job offer or failing to even get on the shortlist. They really take the time to understand the situation and treat everyone as an individual with a tailored approach.

Marietta Connery, Former Head of HR Services at Schroders

Michael Moran is a superb outplacement and career coach. He worked with me to help develop my thinking and focus on how to approach the next phase of my career. The methodology that Michael explained and coached me through, together with his professional advice and challenging feedback, equipped me with information and techniques that were instrumental for me to achieve the desired result. Michael is supported by a first class team of trusted advisors and leaders who work together at 10Eighty. I enjoyed working with them and recommend to get in touch with Michael for any organisation or professional looking for a tailored outplacement or career transition.

Jose Carlos Del Barrio, Former Senior Sales Manager at Truphone

I thoroughly recommend 10Eighty for outplacement services. The consultant who was carefully matched to my requirements listened and fully understood the development outcomes I had identified. Her professionalism and expertise ensured my objectives were met. She was always well prepared and genuinely cared. It was a real pleasure working with 10Eighty.

Karin Rehacek, Former Head of HR at Erste Bank

My coach was absolutely brilliant. Her support, style and approach helped me clarify my priorities, think about my next steps optimistically and boosted my self esteem.

Previous Coachee

ED&F Man has been working with 10Eighty for a number of years now. Initially engaged on a project to support the restructure of one our business units in 2018, the support that 10Eighty has provided to employees adversely affected over the last 18-24 months has been fantastic and has been rolled out to other business lines where needed. They have been able to cater to our global population who were affected by using their network of partners to provide a tailored service. Liz and Michael have been great ambassadors and always supportive and the service reasonably priced. In addition their market knowledge is always great to have. The feedback from employees using the service has also been great and it is reassuring to know that as a business we’ve chosen the right partner to help employees on their next career steps. I couldn’t recommend them highly enough, they are knowledgeable, credible and pleasure to deal with during what is generally an unsettling time for all parties.

James Conradi, Head of HR at ED&F Man

I benefited greatly from feeling the full support of a professional coach who is with you every step of the way and providing a structure and framework, throughout, what at times can be an extremely difficult journey. I also enjoyed plenty of reference materials.

Previous Coachee

10Eighty are a people orientated company, employing a great team of qualified, knowledgeable and experienced consultants. Flexible in approach, working in partnership with client’s, coaching and mentoring individuals in their search for a new career, be it transitioning into a new sector or giving confidence to take a step up in their current career or even just getting their next role. In these challenging and ever- changing times they are determined to be supportive of clients physical and mental well-being. All this is backed with a great website, with blogs, post news and events, they have their fingers on the pulse of businesses and will be in your corner throughout your journey together.

Flicka Lunn, Former Career Coach at 10Eighty

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