A Message from CEO Michael Moran

We are passionate about helping people across the globe find job satisfaction and career success. In this short video clip Michael Moran explains how we do this.

Our Three Focus Areas

We make work meaningful through our three core service lines

Helping your People Transition Outplacement
Helping your People Transition

If some of your team are moving on, we can make their journey as smooth and productive as possible. We build a plan around each individual, with a focus on landing jobs –not just launching them into the world.

Keeping Your Teams Engaged Executive Coaching Mentoring
Keeping Your Teams Engaged

We really believe that business performance begins with people. Employees want managers that care, listen, develop and stretch them. We help organisations build these skills to create exceptional engagement overall.

Developing Your Leaders Leadership Management Development
Developing Your Leaders

To reach your goals as an organisation, you need the right team in place. But sending your top team on a one-size-fits-all leadership course isn’t the way to get there. You need to first understand their particular strengths, then play to them.

Our Journey

In 2022, we proudly celebrated the 10th anniversary milestone of 10Eighty, a journey that began with the vision of founders Michael Moran and Liz Sebag-Montefiore. From its inception, our mission has transcended borders, driven by an unwavering commitment to fostering job satisfaction and career fulfilment on a global scale. We firmly believe in the universal right to meaningful work and are dedicated to empowering individuals worldwide to achieve their professional aspirations.

Over the past decade, our dedication to this ethos has only grown stronger. As a global business, we recognise the profound impact of job satisfaction not only on individual well-being but also on organisational success. By cultivating environments that prioritise employee engagement and career development, we enable businesses to thrive, fostering a ripple effect of customer satisfaction and commercial prosperity.

Reflecting on our journey thus far, we take pride in the positive impact we’ve made to individuals and businesses alike. Yet, we remain steadfastly committed to continuous improvement, acknowledging that our work is far from over. Looking ahead, we reaffirm our belief that organisations investing in their people and nurturing fulfilling careers will emerge as true leaders in their industries, driving not only economic prosperity but also serving as pillars of support within their communities and among stakeholders worldwide.

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The Team

Based in the UK and across the globe, we’re a team of coaches, facilitators and leadership consultants – and we work with our clients to build plans tailored to their organisation and goals. *The coaches below are ordered alphabetically*

Michael Moran

CEO / Founder

Liz Sebag-Montefiore

Director / Co-Founder

Hannah Nash

Director / Business Development Executive

Joan O’Connor

Head of Leadership Practice / Executive, Leadership & Team Coach & Facilitator

Shannon Rowlands

Business Support Manager

Hannah Jones

Business Support Co-ordinator

Daniel Cook

Project Manager

Lacey Cooper

Graphic Designer

Nick Lawson

Finance Director

Sona Whyte

Financial Controller

Nigel Williams

Non-Executive Director

Howard Mann

Non-Executive Director & Executive Coach

Paula Jordan

Non-Executive Director & Executive Coach