Developing your leaders

Help your managers and senior teams become their best

When you’re trying to get the best from your leaders, you need to start with results. Happy teams, slick processes: what are you trying to achieve?

A lot of leaders can inspire, but great leaders maximise the potential of their teams – and doing that well depends on your organisation and these goals.

So you need an approach that’s bespoke to your leaders, and bespoke to your organisation’s goals. That’s how we help your leaders be their best selves at work.

Do you know what your leaders need?


We listen

Every organisation is different. That’s why we have to understand your context if we’re going to help you find answers. The first part of any leadership programme is to immerse ourselves in your culture and challenges.

We build

Once we’ve gathered enough information on what you’re trying to achieve, we’ll design a development programme designed to your strategic goals –in a way that gels with your company culture.

We re-evaluate

We’ll evolve the programme as we go. The more data and insights we gather, the more we’ll adjust the programme to fit –that way, it’ll always stay in line with the natural shifts of your organisation.

Development doesn’t work unless it’s personal!

That’s our philosophy –and it’s doubly true when it comes to leaders. They need to focus on their goals, their role and how they want to develop (not feel forced into a one-size-fits-all process).

We work with leaders to help them:

  • Become more self-aware
  • Understand how others see them
  • Play to their strengths.

What our clients think

“I have been working with 10Eighty over the last year. They are partnering with me on a LD programme for all leaders, and it directly supports our engagement strategy. It has been extremely innovative in support of us taking a very different approach to how we develop people.”

Marc Whitmore, Former Head of Organisational Effectiveness at Bank of America


“10Eighty have provided a high quality and cost effective solution for management training, with sessions designed to meet our specific requirements. The sessions were run very effectively, with the flexibility to meet the needs of the varying groups in each session, from the top team to first line managers. In addition, 10Eighty are great to ‘connect’ with, providing stimulating thought leadership”.

Maria Mann, HR Manager at DACS


“10Eighty have proven time and again to be a great partner across a number of Leadership Development interventions. They provide practical and pragmatic solutions with your budget in mind. I look forward to continuing to work with Michael, Liz, Joan and the wider team in the future”.

Craig Pattison, Chief People and Technology Officer at Air Partner

Learning with the Leadership Cloud

Often, the default for leadership training is classroom-style learning. But it’s outdated: it doesn’t measure up to the day-to-day reality of leading a team. The Leadership Cloud is an online platform. Powered by Jive, it’s a shared space where your leadership team can share ideas and talk about what they’ve learned–24/7, on phone, tablet or computer.

How can it help?

  • It’s a two-way street. Because our Leadership Cloud is a sharing space, it facilitates a dialogue between your leaders and your CEO. So it’s a good health check for your organisation.
  • It’s highly customised. You can open it up to all your leaders, or certain levels –letting you target specific groups of people.
  • It cuts across hierarchies. It’s a great way of tapping into your firm’s collective intelligence and pooling creative ideas.

“We partnered with MBNA, and in their first year of using the Leadership Cloud, the overall level of engagement increased from 52% to 88%.”

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