Whether it’s supporting individuals through change, keeping your teams engaged or developing your leaders, we can help.

Leadership & Management Development

All development needs to deliver results. 10Eighty has a proven track record in achieving this through highly-customised programmes.

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Executive Coaching

We believe coaching is about two things: helping people feel more satisfied in their work, and at the same time, improving their performance.

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Career Transition and Outplacement

Change can come at any moment in any career: so we support people at all levels. Our service is always personalised: everyone will get advice that’s right for their skills and experience.

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Platinum Career Coaching

The team behind Platinum Career Coaching are experts in career management and helping people to make the very best choices in their job search. We work exclusively with senior executives, coaching them to understand their values, strengths and talents.

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Career Management

Over the last 10 years, we’ve given 75,000 people the help they need to manage their careers long-term to decide where it is they really want to be, and then help them get there.

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Coaching App

10Eighty’s coaching app is designed to develop and enhance your employees, increase engagement, and improve organisational performance.

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At 10Eighty, the last 10 years have taught us that having access to external, confidential mentoring is key to both personal and business success. 

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