Thinking Beyond The Annual appraisal

This short video gives a preview of what to expect from 10Eighty’s Connected Conversation’s interactive, e-learning course.

How Does It Work?

We think everyone should learn how to have a connected conversation at work. Here’s how:



Learn it at your own pace with digital modules



See it in action with video scenarios



Hear it from the experts with talks from experienced coaches

What you can expect

Personal Development Coaching
Coaching Conversations

This module outlines the benefits of using a coaching style of conversation. Goals that enable employees to influence how they can go about tasks can lead to greater well being, productivity and job satisfaction. Managers and reviewers can use a range of coaching skills and styles to enable this, along with a spectrum of ‘directive’ to ‘non-directive’ approaches.

Strengths Based Approach
Strengths Based Approach

This module focuses on taking a strengths-based approach. Such an approach focuses on identifying what is positive about individuals, organisations and communities. Research by Gallup found that doing so results in higher levels of productivity, customer loyalty and employee retention.

How to Manage your Career
How to Manage Your Career

This module focuses on ‘Helping Your Employees Manage Their Careers’.  It provides a framework, the Intelligent Careers Model (Arthur et al 1995), for knowing what to focus on in career discussions and what employees need to think about when considering how to manage their careers.

Leading Successful Connected Conversations

This module focuses on Leading Successful Connected Conversations for Performance and Career Development with a video masterclass and an outline of the skills needed to deliver these conversations and your guide to planning the discussions, delivering the discussions and following up.

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