Having Connected Conversations

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Thinking beyond the annual appraisal

Yearly reviews can feel like a tick-box exercise: we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all when it comes to performance. Your best employees want to know you’re taking their career seriously: they want something more tailored to their role and aspirations.

The connected conversation focuses on what’s really important to people. When you take your company values together with a sense of this person’s individual strengths and goals, you get a much fuller picture of their performance. It’s a way of setting goals, checking in and improving performance – without the outdated faff of formal appraisals and reviews.

How does it work?

We think everyone should learn how to have a connected conversation at work. Here’s how.



Learn it at your own pace with digital modules



See it in action with video scenarios



Hear it from the experts with talks from experienced coaches

It’s all about the feedback

Ratings, reviews, comments: we’ve grown used to having our say on the services we use. We’ve come to expect that same interaction from our employer. Today’s workforce expects to be able to give input to leadership teams as a matter of course. And vice versa.

The connected conversation opens this two-way street: it’s an open channel for feedback to flow. Done well, connected conversations offer chances to guide employees and help them improve-and at the same time, taking a health-check on the overall feeling in the organisation.

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