Understanding collective & individual strengths

10Eighty facilitate teams through strategy and business challenges to help identify what will enable them to be a high performing team delivering results.

We use team coaching and one to one coaching and flexible learning to deliver real business solutions with tangible benefits and ROI.

10Eighty work with teams and their leaders to understand their strengths individually and collectively. Increasingly, we work from a positive psychological perspective ensuring talents are maximised and capacity is built in areas of natural weakness.

By working with virtual and global teams we take real business case studies to help identify the characteristics of high performing teams.

We embed the learning in the workplace, working on real business problems delivering real business solutions with tangible benefits.


We partner with Strengthscope and Strengthscope™ is one of the tools we use. As an accredited supplier of the Strengthscope tool we can create in-house capability and deliver report feedback.

“I am delighted with the progress we are making with 10Eighty. I find their approach refreshing, my mind has been opened up to new ways of working. The concepts are taking us that extra mile, truly raising the bar. We have started a journey of discovery, understanding strengths and weaknesses, individually and collectively. We have established a charter and agreed our vision. We got loads from our first 2 bespoke sessions and look forward to our forthcoming workshops which we have designed together”

Ellie Kenyon, UK HR Director at Spie UK

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