The Client

Johnson & Johnson (J&J) is the world’s largest multinational, pharmaceutical and medical technologies corporation. As the most broadly based healthcare company, Johnson & Johnson puts all their customers’ interests first. J&J are committed to ensuring they provide value, reduce their costs, maintain reasonable prices, and to innovate across the full spectrum of healthcare solutions. J&J want to ensure they are responsible to their employees who work with them by being committed to providing an inclusive work environment, where each person is considered as an individual.

Business Challenge

According to the data by Culture Amp, a lack of professional growth opportunity is the leading reason employees leave their roles, accounting for one-third of departures.

Sandra Humbles, who has been at Johnson & Johnson for 33 years, and currently the Chief Learning Officer, wanted to therefore ensure they attract and retain their top talent across all their employees. Sandra leads a department of 2,000 Learning and Development professionals across more than 120 learning organisations within Johnson & Johnson.

The Solution

Sandra and her team developed the J&J Learn program, a career development program, to reach all 150,000 employees in J&J’s workforce. The J&J Learn program aims to understand individual employee’ values, motivation and career aspirations, so they can create equitable opportunities for all.

Launched as a minimum viable product in April 2022, the program rolled out workforce-wide that July. Ahead of launching the program to teams, Johnson & Johnson provide manager training to provide the necessary foundation, training, and insights on how it works and how to implement it with team members of all levels.

J&J Learn starts with collecting an employee’s reflections and insights on how they want to develop their careers using Fuel50. AI makes recommendations on learning materials, suitable mentors, and real-world opportunities at J&J to guide employees’ upskilling journey. All employees are sent into the front end of J&J Learn to share their reflections and insights.

The other part of the development framework is three E’s: Education and learning, Experiences, and Exposure. The program will show employees the three E experience; for learning content it will show employees mentors that are relevant for them, and gigs that allow employees to apply that skill. Regarding exposure, employees may select a mentor who is already advanced or an expert in that space to help them to practice some of the skills and upskill. In regards to experiences, the J&J Learn Program enables employees to sign up to small projects through the GROW Gigs program, so employees can apply their knowledge and support tailored growth and development.


With more than 50,000 employees already engaged in the platform, Humbles’ team is working toward a stretch goal of 75,000 participants by the end of the year.

Being an open access platform, our J&J Learn program has created equitable opportunities for all employees.

By January of next year, Johnson & Johnson are on track to open up complete transparency to career navigation at J&J. Anybody who sits anywhere in J&J can click on their name, and they can see, because of their profile, jobs that they can immediately move into because they’re a complete match, areas of promotional opportunity, and then they will be able to see areas where they need to skill up.

The talent acquisition team at Johnson & Johnson are now working on: How do you then show job vacancies to people who have those skill sets and are ready now for those positions?

Through utilising operational metrics, this ensures the program is getting the utilisation and that the experience and net promoter scores (NPS) are where they need to be.

J&J track employee satisfaction with NPS, both relational and transactional NPS. Before J&J Learn launched, their internal data showed a strong need and desire for more engaging, personalised L&D. However, that NPS quickly turned positive after the launch of J&J Learn. Sandra and her team are currently looking into other satisfaction data.


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