Connected Conversation

The traditional performance review doesn’t really fit with the way we work now, not for employers or employees.

Robust research has found that traditional performance reviews de-motivate and don’t improve employee performance. According to Gallup, only 29% of employees agree that the performance reviews they receive are fair, and just 26% agree that they are accurate.

Your people do want constructive feedback to facilitate performance improvement and personal development but at 10Eighty we believe that the Connected Conversation is a more useful approach than a tick-box, one-size-fits-all annual review.

What is a Connected Conversation?

This is a process of continued conversation, over a period of time, which sees performance management for employees evolve organically, rather than as a one-off event that takes place annually. The idea is to work out strengths and what energises each employee in order to address improving performance, then focus on those areas in an ongoing dialogue.

To help your staff manage their careers, there are three things needed to implement a process of meaningful, connected career conversations:

  • What is important to the individual?
  • What do they like going and what are they good at?
  • Who in their network understands their aspirations and is able to assist in achieving them?

If your organisation wants to engage and motivate employees, you need to sculpt employee performance around these key points using an employee-centric approach.

Why it matters

Leadership needs to create a place where employees actually want, not need, to show up to work. Most managers pay at least lip service to the notion of employee engagement, and they may believe they know what motivates their team but many could do more and better.

If you want to see real cultural transformation take root you need to understand what makes your employees tick – what your top performers do, how your best managers create shared understanding and how the corporate culture drives productivity, innovation and agile performance in a super-competitive landscape. Think about employees and how to improve their lives at work to make the organisation more effective, collaborative and creative.

The benefits

The Connected Conversations approach will benefit your organisation:

  • Return on investment: taking this approach drives profitability, customer satisfaction and shareholder value. By increasing employee engagement, you could add an extra £1,500 per person, on average, to the bottom line, which would make a real impact on the business.
  • Engage for success: there is plenty of data around the correlation between business performance and employee engagement; implementing Connected Conversations is good for the business and its shareholders.
  • Enhanced employee engagement: with an employee-centric approach employees will be more motivated and committed, the long-term outcome is more profit and more value for the business.

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Hannah Nash

Hannah is an account manager and career coach at 10Eighty. Hannah believes that everyone deserves career success and career happiness. This lends to her role as a career coach and mentor providing guidance to help individuals drive their career forward. Hannah has been working as an Account Manager for 10Eighty for the past five years developing HR solutions including career management and employee engagement. She works with our individual clients offering career coaching to help them develop their future career and ensure long term career success. Hannah started her career in coaching support within social services. She successfully placed less able and disadvantaged people into jobs. Hannah’s specialism encompasses career management, coaching, employee engagement, talent management and career transition. For the last 3 years Hannah has been working with organisations who partner with HR professionals to provide tailored services and promote employee engagement. Hannah is a also our specialist in Fuel50, an AI-driven career pathing platform.

Connected Conversations

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Regular, timely feedback conversations with employees to review performance covering role, goals, development are key to talent management.

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