Career priorities vary greatly depending on individual goals, values, and circumstances and we’re curious, what is your TOP career priority?

We asked our LinkedIn followers this question and the results are illuminating. The following options were ranked by respondents:


A healthy balance between professional and personal life is different for everyone; positive work-life balance reduces stress and increases productivity.

That respondents rank work/life balance and company over pay and promotion shows how much people believe a positive work-life balance is vital.

Lockdown had a significant effect on the way we work and our ideas about ‘work-life balance’ came into sharp focus. When remote working became the norm there was a step change and many workers had more time to spend with their families, housemates, and were able to give more attention to their mental health. Our relationship with work has changed.

Pay and promotion

In the current environment it’s perhaps not surprising that these options were ranked as less important. It’s likely many respondents are not salaried employees but freelance contractors for whom career development is a factor where they take ownership and control their own destiny.

We work for our pay – it’s essential for security, safety and comfort – but work-life balance is highly valued by the workforce, and organisations that want to attract and keep their talent will need to prioritise this aspect of working life.

The preference for hybrid working is well-established: professionals are clear that they want flexibility. Hybrid working, flexible work arrangements, remote work options, wellness programs, and options that suit our personal circumstances are important.

These are people who want autonomy and control over their schedule and the flexibility to manage personal responsibilities, pursue personal interests, and maintain a realistic work-life integration.

Culture counts

Interesting that is ranked above salary, again, it is probably to a certain extent due to the current uncertain economic climate. In recent years workers have come to expect that their employer puts more focus on mental health. When employees feel cared about at work, they’re 3 times more likely to be happy at their job and more likely to recommend their company as a place to work.

Companies that build a people-centred culture have an advantage in terms of sourcing talent. This centres on openness, transparency, a strong set of corporate values and a determination to communicate and demonstrate those values clearly.

Prioritise the positive

A positive work-life balance is one where we spend time in a way that aligns with our true priorities. It’s about what’s important in life and work is only part of that. As professionals, we take our work seriously and get a lot of satisfaction from it, but we also enjoy other important roles, such as that of parent.

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