sarina wiegman

In sport, in business, in life you need talent but also hard work and a little luck – Fortune favours the brave, the bold, the decisive and the tenacious. So, what can we learn from the leadership style of Sarina Wiegman, head coach of England women’s football team, runners up in the 2023 World Cup?

  1. Build a great team – the mentality, culture and mindset are all about getting the best out of the players and being adaptable.
  2. Create a culture – instil a winning mentality, creating a style of football that is smart, skilled and entertaining and lets the talent flourish. They are having fun out there and have become one of the best teams in the world.
  3. Get the best from the team – always pushing them, on the pitch, off the pitch, in meetings so they are always learning.
  4. Lead from the front – as a leader Sarina is very caring and wants the best for each member of the team, she really pushes them to be the best.
  5. Focus on the collective effort – not zeroing in on individual wins or losses, no one player is more important than the next. “If you want to perform longer-term, it’s all about playing as a team”.

Sarina Wiegman’s leadership style emphasises strategic thinking, adaptability, empowerment, and a strong focus on team development. Leadership lessons that can be applied not only in football but also in professional and organisational contexts.


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