HR professionals tell us they have never worked so hard. But has the business taken notice? The People Space asked six HR leaders including 10Eighty CEO, Michael Moran how the COVID-19 crisis has impacted HR’s image

The key points from each of were highlighted in this short video clip.

Michael explains that “It’s enabled HR to become centre stage in terms of making sure we’re employee centric”

“This has been an excellent time for HR to be used as a vehicle to express what it is our employees want. To make sure the employee voice is heard. Because in times like this, it’s impossible to run a business without listening to what your employees are telling you, if you want engagement, if you want productivity, if you want innovation – and those things we absolutely need at this moment. So I think it’s enabled HR to become centre stage in terms of making sure we design jobs around the employee, making sure we’re employee centric, making sure we understand what employees want from us. And I applaud that, that’s great. Of course, the critical thing will be, as we come out of this, can we maintain that momentum? Can we make sure that we don’t think business is normal, it’s returned to the old ways of command and control? HR is there, I absolutely believe – going along with the 10Eighty philosophy – to help employees maximise that potential and making sure that organisations harness that potential”.



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