Our research shows that there has been a
dramatic change in how people want to be led,
and leaders will have to sprint
to catch up in order to take the opportunities
presented by COVID-19 and other disruptors.

The findings reveal that leadership behaviour in
itself is seen as a massive disruptor. The way that
leaders behave has a significant impact, positive
or negative, on employees and the business.

Overall, five main themes arise from the
research to provide a roadmap of leadership
capability. These have shown demonstrable
positive outcomes and ensure all leaders are
future proof. They are:

• People First

• ‘And Beyond’ Leadership

• Technology and Communications

• Agility

• Collaboration


‘Leaders need to stop pretending things aren’t as they are and start planning for how to interact in new ways, what work people will be doing in the future, what skills sets will we need going forward and how can we develop the skills that will create our success’

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