Is it really possible to think your way to a successful outcome? Yes, provided you apply the right techniques, says Urvashi Desai.

Visualising can get a bad press. For some people the idea is, if I can put it this way, a little ‘woo-woo’. By that I mean that it’s all very imaginative, but not very real, let alone useful. But it is in fact supported by a considerable body of scientific research. It’s also undeniably a powerful technique. Our brain has a marvellous capacity to change, and visualisation techniques take full advantage of that capacity.

Visualisation is something we all do instinctively. In the context of performance coaching all we are doing is deliberately and intentionally using an ability we all have to create mental images and using those to help us to achieve our goals. Sports people do this all the time to lift their performance. Just as it can be a powerful way for them to achieve their sporting ambitions, the deliberate effort of visualising can do the same in helping people achieve in business or other areas of your life.

We are joined by our host Sian Harrington, Co-founder and Editorial Director of The People Space and 10Eighty executive coach Urvashi Desai. Leading remotely is a part of 10Eighty’s Coaching Secrets series in partnership with The People Space.

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