Welcome back to the #38th episode of our career insight podcast on ‘The future of impact, presence, and visibility, hosted by Hannah Nash and facilitated by Russ Hartland Shaw of 10Eighty.


The special learning at work week episode shall look at how we need to manage our brand and presence in this ever-changing world of work whilst also addressing the future skills required to ensure we have an impact and what it means to be visible.

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Re-thinking Retirement

I believe we need to change attitudes to older workers and retirement. As you become older you become less relevant is simply not true


AI in the real world

Career Coach Maria Mann, has a contact who attended an AI conference in Chicago. We were particularly interested in an issue he highlighted around AI.

Exceeding expectations

10Eighty Exceeding Expectations

10Eighty is a team that helps people increase their job satisfaction and manage their careers but what do people really think about us and what does the future hold for 10Eighty?

Connected Conversations

7 steps to successful Connected Conversations

What is a Connected Conversation? Its an open channel between employer and employee. Learn how to have Connected Conversations with these 7!

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