Welcome back to the #38th episode of our career insight podcast on ‘The future of impact, presence, and visibility, hosted by Hannah Nash and facilitated by Russ Hartland Shaw of 10Eighty.


The special learning at work week episode shall look at how we need to manage our brand and presence in this ever-changing world of work whilst also addressing the future skills required to ensure we have an impact and what it means to be visible.

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A 10Eighty Christmas

The 2023 festive season officially opened with the 10Eighty annual Christmas party for sponsors, clients and colleagues.

Good work

Good work for all

What constitutes ‘good work’ may be debatable and we’re discussing the CIPD 2023 manifesto and their take on what good work looks like.


The psychosocial effects of traumatic situations

The Psychosocial trauma a conflict brings to individuals, and changes in themselves that are important to acknowledge in the workplace.

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