The 33rd Career Insight podcast is on ‘Why you should take up outplacement support’. Our host Sarah Burgess is joined by 10Eighty Coaches, Hannah Nash, Gill Amos, and client Lindsey, a Client of Hannah.

In this episode, we look at what can a client expect from an outplacement program.

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Good work

Good work for all

What constitutes ‘good work’ may be debatable and we’re discussing the CIPD 2023 manifesto and their take on what good work looks like.


The psychosocial effects of traumatic situations

The Psychosocial trauma a conflict brings to individuals, and changes in themselves that are important to acknowledge in the workplace.

What's behind you

What’s behind you?

Are people with an array of house plants and a well stocked bookcase as a backdrop on Zoom considered more trustworthy?

invest in your career

Why don’t people take the time to plan their career?

You need to spend time on your career plan, but it’s like pension planning – most of us put it off. Why do we do this?

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