Team 10Eighty

We are a people business, we like working with others. We don’t just talk about caring and sharing, we practice what we preach – such as collaborative knowledge-sharing and team-building because it’s our lifeblood.

We love to party, and we love purple, just look at our website, we are purple people! Purple is a bit different, not too ‘corporate’, it’s been associated with royalty, power and wealth for centuries due to the rarity and cost of the dye originally used to produce it. Other purple logos include Yahoo!, Asprey, Milka, Zoopla, Cadbury and Silk Cut (shhh! not PC).

We like a challenge alongside our fun and have taken part in the JP Morgan Corporate Challenge every year since 2013, we make pretty good times too.

About us

Based in the UK, our team of coaches, facilitators and leadership consultants work with clients to build plans tailored to their organization and goals. We opened and closed an office in Dubai, fun while it lasted but sadly it didn’t make commercial sense.

We may be small but we think big. This year we worked with 72 corporate clients on projects including leadership and management, outplacement and career management.

We think global too and delivered services in 39 countries from Australia to the USA; we play an active role in the Global Outplacement Alliance (GOA), a cohesive network of international career specialists providing best in industry outplacement and career management services.

What our name means

We think in tens and eighties – 10% of your team will be highly talented so you need to help them to develop and grow. 10% might be struggling or ready to leave and we can help them make that transition. The other 80% are the bedrock of the business, we can help to increase their engagement and your organizational effectiveness.

A brief history of 10Eighty

  • May 2012 – Michael Moran and team set up 10Eighty
  • June 2012 – developed our first app the 10Eighty Careers Ladder game
  • Dec 2012 – published the Guide to Everlasting Employability
  • Oct 2014 – co-founder Liz delivered Orlando
  • Nov 2015 – formed a partnership with Fuel50
  • Jan 2016 – launched our Mentorpotania app
  • Jan 2016 – joined the Global Outplacement Alliance
  • Feb 2016 – set up our Dubai office
  • June 2017 – co-founder Liz delivered Freddie
  • Sept 2017 – business development executive Hannah delivered Frankie
  • Oct 2019 – launched our Platinum Career Coaching service
  • Jan 2020 – our marketing co-ordinator Shannon receives a Certificate in Digital Marketing
  • Feb 2020 – launched our beautiful, and very purple, new website
  • March 2020 – formed a partnership with Strengths Profile
  • July 2020 – Rose, our business support co-ordinator, delivered Marcus
  • Sept 2020 – hit 750 followers on 10Eighty LinkedIn group
  • Oct 2020 – ran our first virtual leadership conference 
  • Dec 2020 –  director Liz passed the Practitioner Diploma in Executive Coaching

Looking forward, our second book, on portfolio working, will be published in 2021. Also forthcoming are service video animations voiced by Liz on outplacement, Hannah on career management, Joan on leadership and Michael on executive coaching – COMING VERY SOON!

We represent Fuel50 in the UK, using their cutting edge career diagnostics tools to enable increased employee engagement. We co-host FuelX conferences in London, with regular keynote speaker Josh Bersin, world-respected industry analyst focused on corporate HR, talent management, leadership development, and HR technology.

What matters to us?

We care about the world we work in and chose Barnardo’s as our charity for 2020, raising over £2,000 as well as donating items to local Barnardo’s shops. We raised £1,000 for The Centre for Young Musicians who played at our Christmas party at the Shard in November 2019; their string quartet entertained guests as they arrived. We supported KidsOut at their Winter Ball charity fundraising dinner in November 2019.

Getting on Board are proactive around racial diversity on charity boards, a charity helping individuals, employers and members of professional networks to become new leaders. 10Eghty help fund attendees on their Charity Board Leadership Programme and also offer a free place for a person of colour.

In 2020 our marketing co-ordinator Shannon Rowlands, revamped the 10Eighty website to reflect the growing importance of social media and, in particular, data analytics, in all things related to outplacement, career management and leadership development. Take a look at

What makes us special?

Our employee-centred approach to strengths-based training, coaching and counselling is fundamental. We are values driven and collaboration is key to everything we do. Our work has earned the loyalty of clients who buy from us on a repeat basis and recommend us to others.

  • Michael Moran is CEO and founder of 10Eighty and a self-confessed sports addict.
  • Liz Sebag-Montefiore is director, co-founder and arch-networker.
  • Hannah Nash, business development executive, is our succession planner (a 10Eighty bench strength).
  • Joan O’Connor is head of the leadership practice, adores amethysts and is obsessed with the colour purple which may have influenced our branding!
  • Shannon Rowlands is business support manager and curator of the 10Eighty website.
  • Rose Tett, business support co-ordinator is currently on maternity leave, her role is covered by:
  • Helen Osborne who keeps the team in check/is our Zoom expert and loves her running
  • Lacey Cooper takes care of graphic design, in shades of purple.
  • Nick Lawson, finance director, takes care of the financials while Sona Whyte, financial controller juggles the spreadsheets and holds the purse-strings.
  • Nigel Williams, Howard Mann and Paula Jordan, non-executive directors, are our pillars of wisdom.

Our directors, staff and team of associates – coaches, mentors, facilitators, executive coaches, consultants and subject matter experts are brilliant, dedicated, resourceful and passionate about their work. We’re passionate about being the best we can be at work, at home, at play, at study and in the world at large. Passion matters because passionate workers are committed to continually achieving higher levels of performance.

For 10Eighty our passion is about seeking out, connecting with and committing to excellence. At 10Eighty everything we do, we do with passion.


10Eighty is a boutique, specialist provider of career coaching based in the UK. All of our clients are unique, and so our services are tailored to their individual needs. 10Eighty helps individuals to maximise their potential and helps organisations to harness that potential. We are experts in developing leadership capability and helping organisations increase employee engagement. Our service offerings include: Career Transition/Outplacement, Executive Coaching, Career Management, Leadership and Management Development and Team Effectiveness

Exceeding expectations

10Eighty Exceeding Expectations

10Eighty is a team that helps people increase their job satisfaction and manage their careers but what do people really think about us and what does the future hold for 10Eighty?

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