High performance
Our new White Paper “Coaching Employees for High Performance” was co-authored by Anne Fulton CEO of our New Zealand partners Fuel 50 and Natalie Hackbarth Inbound Marketing Manager of Quantum Workplace, an employee feedback software company.

Together they provide a raft of insights into learning and development strategies, consider how to create a coaching culture, then delve into 2 of the key sub-species of coaching: manager coaching and peer coaching in the context of optimising employee engagement and talent management using the powerful career pathing software CareerCENTRE™.

What’s inside?
  • Why learning and development is essential to your talent strategy
  • Top 5 learning and development opportunities
  • 4 Keys to creating a culture of coaching
  • Manager coaching – empower leaders to advise and develop their people
  • Peer coaching – equip employees to give and receive peer feedback
Your ‘Coaching Employees’ White Paper Takeaways

Effective peer coaching and manager coaching requires engagement and employee development:

  • Set expectations
  • Educate the coaches on their role
  • Create structure and templates
  • Set a frequency for coaching sessions
  • Consider attribution
  • Encourage 2-way conversation
  • Track, monitor and measure progress

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“People will produce more than they think they can if they're challenged.”

Ray Titus, CEO, United Franchise Group

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