Virtual interviews

Sarah Burgess recently spoke with Clare Endicott and Marc Whitmore about preparing for telephone and virtual interviews.

There are practical and psychological things to consider:

  • You need a quiet space and neutral background, if you have teenage children make sure that backgrounds and filters have not been changed. Make sure nobody is streaming as that will affect your broadband performance.
  • Set camera slightly above eyeline so you are just tilting your head up a little.
  • Wear business clothes, including shoes, it will mean you feel more prepared and in business mode.
  • On a telephone interview, smile, it comes across in your voice and if you have confidence in yourself so will the interviewer.
  • Prepare in advance, do research on the company and the interviewer. Think about your talents, strengths, skills and values, perhaps ask friends for help. Review this information so you can speak confidently and fluently about yourself.
  • Practice by videoing yourself on Zoom.
  • Be positive and even if things don’t go to plan, the cat walks across your desk, your son starts playing the drums, don’t be rattled, we’re all in this together and most interviewers will be supportive.
  • Let your talent shine through.

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What’s behind you?

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