Get your copy of our Values & Talent Branding Global Insights Paper

Get your copy of our Values & Talent Branding Global Insights Paper

Have you defined your organisation’s values?

At 10Eighty we’ve been working with international clients across diverse industries to define their values in a meaningful way, and lever these toValues & Talent Branding Global Insights Paper increase engagement and create a sustainable Employer Brand.

In our latest report we:

  • Provide insights into the benefits of values-based management,
  • Showcase key findings from our aggregate pool of tens of thousands of users across close to 100 global organisations.

Increase your competitive edge

We’ve seen our clients transformed after communicating their values, mission and purpose in a way that resonates with their employees, and achieve an engagement lift of up to 10% within one year.

Values-based organisations become more agile and more robust in the face of market change and new technologies.

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