Job-hunting is hard work, almost a full-time job in itself. Successful job seekers are characterised by a number of key traits.


Know your strengths and values and ensure they align with your career goals as that is how you’ll find a role that energises you provides real job satisfaction.

If you have clear goals and defined career plans you are more likely to succeed. Take a step back and consider the direction you want to take and whether or not it’s time for a career change. Do some serious self-assessment around your strengths, skills, goals and aspirations then consider your values, priorities and commitments.

Clarity is important when job hunting, for a targeted job search you need a good idea of what your career path looks like, with milestones and objectives planned out.

Positive attitude

Looking for work can be stressful but try to see the good in your situation, look at all opportunities as they crop up and be open to new and different ideas. Maintaining positivity is important because first impressions count and employers will favour a positive and enthusiastic person who displays energy and curiosity.

Stay motivated

Try to seek out opportunities, using as many avenues and platforms as you can access, online job boards, and your professional network of friends and colleagues as well as making direct approaches to target organisations. A committed, planned and proactive attitude improves your chances of arranging interviews where you can sell yourself to potential employers.

It’s not easy but refer to item two and stay positive.

The job market is competitive and you need to be willing to try new things, to take some risks and try new approaches. Stand-out candidates are those who demonstrate a willingness to learn and adapt.

Prepare and plan

Selling yourself effectively as a candidate is a skill you can learn and practice. Get some help if it will help build up your confidence and self-assurance. Do some practice interviews and seek advice from your network about your approach and who to approach.

Good candidates research the organisations they approach and they study job and person specifications carefully. Think about the questions likely to crop up and practise responses and have questions ready to ask the interviewer. Remember that an interview is an audition, you need to show some spark. Polish your technique before the interview so you to shine and impress as someone they want on their team.


Keep your LinkedIn profile up to date, engage with social media and comment on relevant blogs and forums. Use your network but remember that good networking depends upon reciprocity, what you get out is related to the effort you put in.

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Hannah Nash

Hannah is an account manager and career coach at 10Eighty. Hannah believes that everyone deserves career success and career happiness. This lends to her role as a career coach and mentor providing guidance to help individuals drive their career forward. Hannah has been working as an Account Manager for 10Eighty for the past five years developing HR solutions including career management and employee engagement. She works with our individual clients offering career coaching to help them develop their future career and ensure long term career success. Hannah started her career in coaching support within social services. She successfully placed less able and disadvantaged people into jobs. Hannah’s specialism encompasses career management, coaching, employee engagement, talent management and career transition. For the last 3 years Hannah has been working with organisations who partner with HR professionals to provide tailored services and promote employee engagement. Hannah is a also our specialist in Fuel50, an AI-driven career pathing platform.

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