A CV is a marketing tool, a mission statement and sales brochure; it should showcase strengths and talents. It should be logical, specific, and personal. Hiring managers are interested in achievement, they want a picture of how an applicant will build from their track record to deliver in the role that is to be filled. Here are our top tips.

Customise and tailor to show experience and skills in the best possible light:

  • New role in the same sector – highlight the experience, competencies and skills that are relevant and show qualification for the role on offer
  • Flexible work in same sector – tailor the CV to demonstrate experience and skills that showcase a good candidate for independent working as a home based employee
  • Similar role in a new sector – showcase achievements that demonstrate transferable skills
  • New role in a new sector – focus on the competencies and achievements that are a good fit with the job description

Summarise and emphasise key qualities that an employer wants to know about:

  • One size does not fit all, it is important to tailor the document depending on the industry sector and adjust it to fit the particular role applied for
  • Make the CV work hard by concentrating on what the prospective employer is seeking and turning the spotlight on the skills and strengths that showcase as ideal candidate
  • Think of achievements that tell a story, things that made a difference, the quantifiable achievements that show how you operate

Don’t forget:

  • Make sure that CV and LinkedIn profile are aligned
  • Keep the CV short and sweet, two pages
  • Put contact details on both pages
  • Have someone else check and proofread as bad spelling and poor grammar could send it straight to oblivion

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Hannah Nash

Hannah is an account manager and career coach at 10Eighty. Hannah believes that everyone deserves career success and career happiness. This lends to her role as a career coach and mentor providing guidance to help individuals drive their career forward. Hannah has been working as an Account Manager for 10Eighty for the past five years developing HR solutions including career management and employee engagement. She works with our individual clients offering career coaching to help them develop their future career and ensure long term career success. Hannah started her career in coaching support within social services. She successfully placed less able and disadvantaged people into jobs. Hannah’s specialism encompasses career management, coaching, employee engagement, talent management and career transition. For the last 3 years Hannah has been working with organisations who partner with HR professionals to provide tailored services and promote employee engagement. Hannah is a also our specialist in Fuel50, an AI-driven career pathing platform.

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