The FuelX Conference

10Eighty are passionate about creating world-class career experiences for employees all around the world, it’s our belief that everyone should love their job! FuelX is a celebration of those implementing best-in-class career experiences and journeys for their people.

The speakers

The conference will hear from Paul Corke, previously with MBNA on “The benefits of using Fuel50 in your organisation”, he is an author, speaker, LD manager at Lloyds Banking Group, and coach. We will also hear from Lynda Barton, of Roche on “Fuelled by Passion: The Roche Career Story”. Lynda is an accomplished senior leadership and organisational development and HR leader with experience in technology, software, financial services, life sciences and non-profit sectors. Strong business acumen and track record of success in development and execution of talent development and cultural transformation in complex global business environments.

Speakers from Fuel50 are Anne Fulton and Jo Mills, who will present on “Forecasting for the Future: Careers and skills forecasting to future-proof your workforce”. Passionate about career enablement and pathing solutions, Anne created Fuel50 career pathing software with co-founder Jo Mills to deliver career solutions to organisations that result in engagement uplifts, diversity career acceleration, and millennial career experiences that are delivering both engagement and retention impacts along with enhanced workforce agility. Working with hundreds of organisations across the globe, Anne and the Fuel50 team are delivering improved HR metrics through their career pathing solutions.

Jo Mills is an experienced OD Strategist working with organizations to design strategic career engagement programs, generating engagement uplift and organizational value across 3 levels – individual empowerment, manager enablement and organizational effectiveness. A domain expert in career engagement, Jo has led software development and career engagement initiatives that have delivered measurable engagement impact across a wide variety of corporate and government agencies.

The awards ceremony

Anne and Jo will also be announcing the finalists and winners of the FuelX Career Experience Awards. The FuelX Awards celebrate innovative employee experiences in organisations all around the world. Has your organisation implemented a cutting-edge career experience that is having a positive impact on engagement, retention, or even bottom-line metrics? The awards application process is free, simple, and super quick with just four categories and an incredible prize up for grabs!

About Fuel 50

Fuel50 career path software improves employee engagement, supporting diversity initiatives and creating career ACCELERATION for target employees whether they are high potentials, talent, graduates or emerging leaders. Using next-gen artificial intelligence and powerful algorithms to match employees with internal opportunities while also showing them insightful gap analysis – what they’re good at, and what they need to work on to better prepare them for their next step. Fuel50’s award-winning, gamified, employee experience platform improves retention of key talent and empowers employees to take charge of their careers. The intuitive, multifaceted platform built on employee-focused AI, to create a truly agile workforce! Equipping your leaders with a powerful machine-learning platform complete with employee-driven data and resources to help them deliver powerful career growth conversations. More details here. 

About 10Eighty

10Eighty use Fuel50 to support managers and employees to have connected conversations, discover career pathways and find the right mentor to elevate careers to the next level. We work in partnership with organisations to deliver real return on investment and demonstrable improvements in performance.

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