10Eighty and Strengthscope®

Strengthscope®, one of the world’s leading strengths assessment tools, helps you to get the best out of your employees by maximising their strengths and maximising the performance of your business.

Introducing Strengthscope®

Our approach at 10Eighty is strengths-based with a focus on ROI, ensuring that we can produce demonstrable improvements in organisational and employee performance through increased engagement. To further embed this focus we are delighted to partner with The Strengths Partnership and introduce Strengthscope® – a range of on-line assessment products that complements and builds on our strengths-based philosophy.

In this video about Strengthscope®…

…a team from Photobox, a digital photo printing company, discuss the impact of the strengths assessment tool, Strengthscope, on individual team members, team dynamics and leadership development, concluding with a Dragons’ Den-style workshop back at Photobox HQ.

We offer the full range of Strengthscope® tools:


Strengthscope® helps you understand:

  • Your standout strengths
  • The unintended consequences that may arise when strengths go into overdrive
  • The extent to which you are able to productively apply these strengths at work

The Strengthscope® feedback report provides a comprehensive account of your strengths, along with ideas on how to put these strengths to better use at work. The report also forms the basis for a strengths-focused feedback session to provide you with the best chance of achieving your personal best at work.


Get co-worker and stakeholder feedback

Strengthscope360™ extends the individual profile from Strengthscope by incorporating co-worker and stakeholder feedback.

A unique feature of this assessment is its multi-rater feature which enables up to 8 co-workers or external stakeholders to provide 360º feedback on the extent to which they see you using your strengths at work. It also asks how often they would like to see you use these strengths at work; more of the time, less of the time or the same amount.


Understand your team strengths

StrengthscopeTeam™ sets a whole new standard in team profiles by helping to build high energy, productive and agile teams.

It helps your team leaders and their team understand not only the strengths each individual brings to the team, but also how well the team applies well-researched team habits productively to translate these strengths into results.

Strengthscope® core beliefs

We credit achieving success through others to these 5 core beliefs:

  • Strengths are the key drivers of excellence and success. They are sources of exceptional idea generation and problem-solving, relationships, emotional capital and execution.
  • Significant gains in performance, innovation and engagement are made when the strengths of employees are positively stretched in line with the organisation’s vision and goals.
  • The primary role of your leadership is to unlock the full value of your employee’s strengths reducing the effect of performance risks.
  • Your employees will perform at their best when they have clear goals and are challenged to find and implement a “pathway to success” which fits their unique strengths and capabilities.
  • Agility – the ability to adapt one’s strengths and capabilities to meet the demands of a fast changing environment – is vital for effective performance in today’s workplace.

In these videos about Strengthscope®…

…Dr Paul Brewerton discusses Strengthscope®, what it is, how it was developed, how accurate it is, what it is used for, how it’s different to other tools and how to find out more.

…Michael Moran highlights the benefits of Strengthscope® at the CIPD Learning & Development Show:

Strengthscope – BPS Certified

BPS Logo
In February 2017 Strengthscope® became the first strengths assessment worldwide to achieve Registered Test Status with the British Psychological Society (BPS).

Download your Strengthscope® pack today

We’ve brought together several thought leadership articles and 2 sample reports in one easy-to-download package. What you’ll find inside…

  • Research Summary of Using a Strengths Approach with Employee Engagement, Customer Satisfaction and Business Performance
  • Optimize Your Team’s Strengths
  • A Moment of Weaknesses
  • 5 Steps To Building A Thriving Tech Talent Ecosystem
  • A sample Strengthscope® 360 degree Feedback Report on Page 12 and a sample Team Report on page 25
Strengthscope Articles

Download your Strengthscope pack today

Strengths: a definition

We define strengths as “underlying qualities that energise us, contribute to our personal growth and lead to peak performance.

Key to this definition is the issue of ‘energy’: Strengths are not just about competence (i.e. how good you are at something); instead, they relate to what energises you, what fuels you – typically a strength will be something you are good at doing, but the most important aspect is the extent to which it gives you energy”.

(Brook and Brewerton, The Strengths Partnership 2006).

Get your copy of Dr Paul Brewerton’s report “Using strengths to drive career success”

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Strengthscope Report - Paul Brewerton

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