Management & Leadership Training Programme

Management & Leadership Training Programme

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We are delighted to announce our newly developed 10Eighty Management & Leadership training programmes, eight in total, all endorsed by the Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM).

Who are the courses for? Leaders and Managers, Coaches, HR Managers and HR professionals.

What will I learn? You’ll find summaries of the learning outcomes for each course below.

What will I get from the courses? As we now have ILM Recognised Provider status, on completion of your course you will receive an internationally recognised ILM-endorsed certificate. Plus you’ll get free studying membership of ILM for the duration of the course, providing access to a comprehensive online collection of articles, books, magazines and learning resources to extend your development.

All our courses are delivered by qualified and experienced trainers and can contribute to your annual CPD training record.

Download the profiles of our trainers: Sandra SmithJoan O’ConnorKeith Stopforth

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It’s easy to book on one of our workshops.

  • Courses held in the UK are delivered in-company and can be booked for delivery at your premises or a convenient location anywhere in the UK
  • Courses held in Dubai are delivered as open workshops, and we can deliver them in-company to suit.

Being an Effective Leader – 2 days

  • Understand the DNA of an Effective Leader-what it takes to be a successful leader-attributes and qualities
  • Consider what it takes to build a High Performing Team
  • Understand the key skills required of an effective leader
  • Practice Key Skills such as 1:1s, Coaching, Giving Feedback and Performance Management
  • Understand barriers to change and how to manage them

Coaching for High Performance – 1 day

  • Understand the Key Qualities and Attributes of an Effective Coach
  • Understand Situational Coaching and when Coaching is not the right solution
  • Understand the Skills required to be an Effective Coach
  • Practice Key Skills such as Building Relationships, Active & Deep Listening, Questioning Skills and Contracting
  • Identify Barriers to High Performance and how to deal with these as a Coach

Managing Difficult Conversations – 1 day

  • Understand the factors that make a conversation difficult
  • Understand the different types of triggers that turn conversations into difficult ones and know how to respond to these
  • Know how to prepare for an effective conversation
  • Understand the behaviours of effective conversations
  • Practice having difficult conversations

Managing Performance – 1 day

  • Identify the key requirements for effective performance management
  • Learn how to create and set Performance Objectives
  • Identify the Key Skills in Conducting a Performance Review
  • Practice Key Skills in order to conduct an effective Performance Review
  • Learn how to identify development needs and build a Training Plan

Playing to Strengths – 1 day

  • Understand what strengths are
  • Gain an understanding of their personal strengths, specifically their top strengths using Strengthscope®
  • Learn how to recognise when their strengths are underplayed or overplayed
  • Know how to apply their strengths to their current and future roles

Team Effectiveness – developing a high performing team – 1 day

  • Understand what makes a high performing team in today’s VUCA environment
  • Assess your own team against the characteristics of a high performing team
  • Identify and clarify the purpose and goals of your own team
  • Clarify the values framework for your team
  • Recognise different types of conflict situations and know how to deal with them

Powerful Career Conversations for HR Professionals – 1 day

  • Provide an understanding on the what and whys of career conversations
  • Demonstrate the power of a Career Conversation to drive Employee Engagement
  • Build competence in navigating our 10Eighty’s Fuel50
  • Increase knowledgeable of our 10Eighty’s Fuel50 resources
  • Practice key skills and become more elegant in using our 10Eighty’s Fuel50 reports
  • Enable you to better engage Managers to have career conversations

Powerful Career Conversations for Managers – 2 days

  • Enable you to conduct successful career conversations utilising a range of tools
  • Develop your understanding of the business case for career conversations and the value they add to your role, team and organisation
  • Understand how to conduct powerful career conversations that allow your employees to take responsibility for their own personal development
  • Build your competence in navigating our 10Eighty’s Fuel50 and become more knowledgeable on our 10Eighty’s Fuel50 resources
  • Practice and become more elegant in using the skills and competencies for powerful career conversations

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You could also download Wake up your potential – an ILM presentation about their training courses that namechecks 10Eighty.

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The Institute of Leadership & Management is the European market leader in leadership and management qualifications, developing over 90,000 people annually. They work with a quality–assured global network of over 2,500 approved learning providers, including 10Eighty!

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