Leadership Cloud

Leadership Cloud

Want to see collaborative learning at its best?

Has your organisation woken up to the benefits of collaborative learning? With the 10Eighty Leadership Cloud, you get a platform to help drive collaboration and learning throughout your organisations – the benefits are varied and potentially huge:

  • Allows leadership development to be highly customised, delivered to individuals, to groups, or the complete leadership population;
  • Cuts across hierarchies and taps into an organisation’s collective intelligence, creativity and innovation;
  • Facilitates dialogue within a leadership population, enabling CEOs to communicate and get feedback on their strategies;
  • Builds high-performance, a step-change in engagement and delivers a rapid ROI.

You can access the 10Eighty Cloud on the go, via laptop, mobile and tablet – for further information please use the form below.

Discover how our leadership development technology drives success

Using Jive technology the Leadership Cloud enables collaborative learning. It’s also available via the internet anytime and can be delivered across multiple platforms making it accessible across a range of devices and operating systems including mobile, tablet, desktop PC and Mac.

Leadership Cloud pioneers win employee engagement award

MBNA have won the Award for Employee Engagement at the Personnel Today Awards using our Leadership Cloud technology. In the first full year of the Leadership Cloud, the overall level of engagement leapt by nearly 10% to nearly 79%.

The technology has:-

  • Transformed collective thinking skills, intelligence gathering and cooperation across the business.
  • Established cross-functional team working as the rule, rather than the exception.
  • Provided leadership with a powerful tool to transform engagement in times of change and uncertainty.
  • Underpinned how it develops leaders and how they communicate and engage with one another.

Watch “Pop your Learning Bubble”, our two-minute animated video on the benefits of collaborative learning:

Watch this video discussion with one of our Leadership Cloud clients MBNA:


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And find out how our innovative Leadership Cloud opens up new channels for leadership conversations.

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The business benefits of the Leadership Cloud are:

  • Customised learning
  • Learning in the workplace
  • Learning when it suits the learner
  • Sharing knowledge
  • Allows dialogue between senior executives and leaders, facilitates real time feedback
  • Develops learning agility
  • Helps you to build management capability to increase employee engagement
  • Very cost effective form of learning, delivering a significant return on investment

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