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All leadership development needs to deliver results. 10Eighty has a proven track record in achieving this through highly-customised programmes. We work within your organisation’s unique context to develop all your leaders to be their personal best and then help you embed their leadership learning deeply within individuals and teams. Read on and please get in touch to find out more.

Understand the Context

Do you know what you need your leaders to do? Every organisation is different and it’s vital we understand your unique context – both what has prompted your conversation with us and what needs to happen next.

We make sure we ask you the right questions, listen closely to your answers and then give you customised and innovative leadership development programmes to match your strategic needs, delivered in a style that will fit with your culture. And customisation doesn’t stop there – we evolve your programme as new data and insights emerge so that it continues to align with your organisational context.

Make development personal

LeadersThe successful delivery of customised leadership development requires a balance between an organisation’s needs and those of each leader. Our leadership development programmes enable each leader to focus on their individual development goals, by shaping the development experience around these goals.

We work with every leader to help them learn how to apply their development productively both in their job role and within the context of their career. In the process, they will develop greater self-awareness, understand how others see them and learn how to play to their strengths. The result will be an organisation full of leaders able to operate to the true level of their capability.

Embed the learning

Leadership development works best when the learner is engaged in putting it into practice. That’s why we work closely with leaders to create action plans that embed their learning through daily, ongoing habits. And we help those responsible for the organisation’s systems and practices to adapt them to enable the learning process to become embedded as well.

Crucially, we have considerable expertise and many tools to help them to do this, including our unique collaborative learning technology, to help individuals and teams work together far more effectively than they ever have before. We do this because we know that deeply embedded and shared learning among leaders produces dramatic improvements in engagement scores among our clients.


“I have been working with 10Eighty over the last year. They are partnering with me on a LD programme for all leaders that directly supports our engagement strategy. It has been extremely innovative in support of us taking a very different approach to how we develop people. A key aspect of this is our introduction of the Leadership Cloud, a collaborative learning tool to develop leaders. 10Eighty have provided Thought Leadership and expert design and are excellent partners to work with.”

Marc Whitmore, Head of Organisational Effectiveness at Bank of America

Joan O’Connor talks about leadership development

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