Executive Coaching and Mentoring

Executive Coaching and Mentoring

Effective coaching to facilitate your short & long-term goals

Nearly 80% of employers use coaching initiatives to improve overall company performance and at 10Eighty, coaching is at the heart of all we do for our clients.

It is a development tool that helps individuals to embed learning, encouraging them to achieve their full potential and heighten self-awareness.

Coaching can be supportive and challenging, providing a safe place to solve personal and organisational change. Effective coaching helps facilitate achievement of short-term business goals and long-term strategic objectives both of which need to be specific and measurable.

Our Principles

  • 10Eighty’s focus on Leadership Development comes from a perspective of increasing employee engagement. We therefore seek to build leadership capability that drives employee engagement.
  • All of our coaches are professionally accredited and have an extensive range of expertise having held senior management positions.
  • We use a strengths-based philosophy to increase career resilience and enhance management capability.
  • All our coaching programmes have an element of career management – we help people to understand what they do well and should do more of and what they need to give up in order to develop in their new role.
  • All of our coaches are supervised.

Our Leadership Development is based on 3 principles

  • Self-discovery and self-awareness: using psychometrics and 360.
  • Building employee engagement and “followership”: using 10Eighty’s Fuel50 and the Leadership Cloud
  • Understanding the behaviours that made you successful which you need to retain; and stopping or dialing down behaviours that are no longer appropriate to your role as a leader, and developing the new behaviours you require: using coaching and mentoring.

We partner with the Strengths Partnership and Strengthscope is one of the tools we use in our coaching. As an accredited supplier, we can create in-house capability to administer and feedback. We also use Strengthscope in our team effectiveness offering.

Our coaching develops competence & increases confidence

survey by MetrixGlobal LLC showed that coaching produced a 529% return on investment alongside significant tangible benefits to the business.

10Eighty’s approach to coaching is to establish how any coaching intervention will be measured and how it will demonstrate a return on investment. We focus on specific positive action that has tangible benefits in any workplace.

Our coaching assists individuals develop competence while increasing confidence. It also helps to identify performance or behavioural problems and provides a way to correct these issues, whilst maintaining the dignity of the individual concerned.

One of the myths surrounding coaching is that it is ‘remedial’ in nature. However, many line managers use coaching to enable individuals to remain ‘sane and ahead of the game’. 10Eighty’s coaching for excellence focuses on what is going well and how to increase effectiveness – it is about the psychology of success and how to make what is good even better.

Linda has a wealth of experience and is a very seasoned general manager. It was a hugely positive experience to work with her, in particular Linda provided me with a huge amount of confidence around the contribution I can make to the business in terms of helping to develop others and providing more of an input to, and critique of, broader business strategies
Andy McLaughlin, MBNA Bank of America

Developing mentoring capability

  • We can help you create a culture in which mentoring flourishes
  • We can design and deliver training programmes to create or upskill mentors and to brief mentees in preparation for mentoring. We can also run a unique speed matching process
  • We can provide a software solution to help you allocate and manage mentoring schemes.

Listen to our CEO Michael Moran discuss coaching and mentoring

Michael took part in an hour-long programme, “The Business”, on St Albans’ radio station Radio Veralum, when he discussed a variety of issues related to coaching and mentoring. Here are two excerpts from the show:

Quality assured

We are members of the Association for Coaching. Click here for a copy of our 2015 certificate.

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10Eighty’s Fuel50

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Leadership Cloud

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Coaching & Mentoring Special

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Strengthscope 360 Report

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