Career Transition and Outplacement

Career Transition and Outplacement

Helping you through the impact of change

A change in circumstances can take some getting used to, whether it has been foreseen or not. At 10Eighty we help people think through the impact of change whether this is in connection with career direction, job loss or retirement.

We help people get more comfortable with change, evaluate their skills, knowledge and achievements, consider their hopes and dreams and translate this information into realistic options.

More than this we give people all the tools they need to make a successful transition, using our network where appropriate.

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What’s the Value of Outplacement?

Firstly there is the ethical viewpoint. There may be many employees who will struggle to find a new position either in the short term or the long term. What of the worry and distress caused to people who have been loyal and hardworking – what a way to repay them if you don’t help them into new jobs. What about the impact of this sort of PR on your organisation? Just check out the headlines from some firms who got it wrong. The newspapers can have a field day! And of course what about your firm’s reputation with its existing staff.

Can it help with litigation? Yes it can! Not only can an outplacement firm help the individual move forward, but the act of providing outplacement advice may help to mitigate against a departing employee’s claim should they decide to take legal action as it can be proved that an individual who takes up outplacement advice is likely to find a new role in an average of 3 months.

10Eighty’s work with NHS Direct

Watch this 5-minute audio slideshow about our career transition work with NHS Direct.

“In 10Eighty we found a career management specialist who shared our approach and were determined to understand our workforce in order to tailor a programme that worked for each of our colleagues, whether they were clinicians, senior executives or administrators. The result has been a hugely successful career management programme, which has successfully reached the most frightened, reluctant and cynical of our colleagues, largely through the peer pressure of close colleagues insisting that they would live to regret not joining in. As we move to the dissolution of this NHS trust at the end of March 2014, I genuinely feel that we have offered a programme which has successfully prepared many hundreds of my NHS Direct colleagues for the next phase of their lives.”

Roger Rawlinson, Acting Chief Executive, NHS Direct


Listen to Matt Perkins discuss his role of Support Advisor for NHS Direct, the training he received from 10Eighty to support his colleagues’ career needs and how this helped him to develop his own career path. (Podcast produced by Graihagh Jackson)

“We started working with 10Eighty at a time of huge organisational change. We needed to support 3000 colleagues through a major period of transition, helping them plan their future whilst maintaining employee engagement. Right from day one, 10Eighty have been highly focused on understanding our business and our people, making the programme feel tailored to our needs. Colleagues at all levels of the organisation have really valued the contribution that 10Eighty have made. We have really valued the strong partnership approach that 10Eighty have taken and have found them highly flexible and adaptive. The support they have provided has felt very current, practical and action-focused. Working with 10Eighty has given us a high-quality programme, helped us to reduce potential redundancy costs, and demonstrate a very strong commitment to our colleagues at a time of significant change.”

Simon Gosney, Career Management and Outplacement Project Manager at NHS Direct

“I would highly recommend the services of 10Eighty to employers who are seeking an Outplacement and Career Transition provider. At a time of personal uncertainty for the affected individual, the provision of such support can make a tremendous difference to an individual’s job search success and wellbeing. In a job market where employers are spoilt for choice, working with 10Eighty can make the fundamental difference between getting a job offer or failing to even get on the shortlist. I have worked with Michael Moran and his team for the past six years who in turn have successfully supported a number of employees through career transitions. They really take the time to understand the situation and treat everyone as an individual with a tailored approach working in partnership to achieve the desired result”

Marietta Connery, Head of HR Services at Schroders

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Why we provide career transition support

  • Good employers meet their Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Maintaining your employer brand
  • Ensuring that all employees feel a strong emotional attachment to the business

A successful career transition programme requires the following:

  • Career diagnostics
  • Design of Job Search Strategy
  • Building of network
  • Implementation of a job search strategy

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