10Eighty hosted a cheese and wine party to showcase the Fuel50 CareerDrive site and our aim to create transformational career engagement experiences for you and your people.

The evening concentrated on using powerful career conversations and creating a culture of coaching to foster high engagement in the new talent economy. To help kick-start career conversations in the workplace we were sharing copies of our recent white paper Powerful Career Conversations – Tips for Leaders.

Download your copy here.

Talent intelligence

Anne Fulton of Fuel50, talked about their research supporting new developments in their intelligent career path system. Research which centred on workforce demographics; technology including AI and automation; the new social contract; new ways of working and new contract models.

Organisations need to support people to work in new ways to address the skills anxiety that is uppermost in the thoughts of CEOs, HR and employees.

One in five of those in employment are currently looking for a new role. If you can help your good people find that new role within your own organisation you’ve hit a home run; we just can’t resist a sporting analogy!

Another sad fact is that 86% of employees believe their strengths are under-used at work. Career engagement is not just about hierarchical moves but is most powerful when it helps individuals tap into opportunities available right now, that leverage their current role to fulfil key career drivers.

Top of the tips

My pick from the tips for leaders, coaching questions and ideas in the white paper:

Let go of your agenda – let staff share their aspirations and goals with you before making assumptions about what is right for them

Build experience – what experience would be valuable for your staff member to further develop skills or interests in line with identified preferences?

Focus on the big picture – coach with the goal of supporting your staff member to be happy and productive in their current role, in the organisation and beyond

Take a break from talking – your own career experience to date is valuable to share but only if relevant to the other person’s goals and dreams. Listen first!

Talent experience

Anne’s message was that we need a shift towards an inclusive career citizenship. We need to build a talent exchange marketplace within the organisation, with career path transparency for employees and skills intelligence for leaders at all levels.

When employees see this level of transparency, there is a high level of engagement in the talent system that old-school, compliance driven systems will never achieve.


Michael Moran

Article published by Michael Moran

Michael is CEO and Founder of 10Eighty. He is passionate about helping people maximise their potential and believes everyone should have job satisfaction and a successful career. He helps organisations design jobs and career paths that maximise employee engagement. As an avid reader/commentator on the world of work and sport, he regularly draws parallels between the two. You could describe Michael as a budding author with “The Guide to Everlasting Employability” already under his belt, and technophile who’s created 2 career management apps to help people manage their careers.


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