Push off Performance Reviews, Connected Conversations have arrived!

At 10Eighty we think it’s about time that the much-reviled performance review is consigned to the dustbin of HR history.

We’ve been spreading the Gospel of Connected Conversations for several years now, and as we are great believers in walking the talk we decided to develop a product to support organisations to discard the stomach-churning monthly appraisal.Connected Conversations E-Learning

So, we’re delighted to launch our new ‘Connected Conversations’ offering, which can be accessed on any device and distils our expertise into a video-led and highly interactive course which explains how:

  • an ongoing coaching approach to performance can get results
  • constructive and connected conversations between managers and employees is the best vehicle to enhance career development and performance at work
  • managers can acquire the necessary skills to give feedback and motivate employees, and ensure that employees reach organisational goals too
  • employers can become people-centric
  • managers providing regular feedback can grow and improve their employees
  • employees can manage their careers by applying the 3 areas of Intelligent Career Theory.

Our CEO Michael Moran sums it up neatly: “What’s crucial is that the employee should generate the options.”

The connected conversations approach isn’t just a nice idea, its backed up by research which informs us that managers spending quality one-to-one time coaching their staff enjoy higher levels of engagement which in turn leads to higher levels of productivity and profitability.

What does the course cover?

The course has 6 modules including high-quality video scenarios, and associates from e-learning providers Marshall E-Learning and 10Eighty who discuss key issues surrounding modern performance and appraisals best practice:

Module 1 – Introduction

Module 2 – Coaching conversation: the benefits of using a coaching style of conversations

Module 3 – The Strength-based approach, which identifies positive aspects of individuals, organisations and communities. Research by Gallup found that this approach can lead to higher levels of productivity, customer loyalty and employee retention.

Module 4 – Helping your employees manage their career: provides a framework – the Intelligent Careers Model (Arthur et al 1995) – for understanding what to focus on in career discussions and what employees need to think about when managing their careers.

Module 5 – Connected Conversations: explores how to lead successful connected conversations that support performance and career development. Typically aimed at managers, this module will be useful for all employees.

Module 6 – Performance review: useful for anyone having one-to-one meetings with their manager, interested in taking a proactive approach to managing their career.

Watch our video

We’ve created a 60-second video overview about our Connected Conversations course, please take a look:

Get started

Would you like to try out the course? Simply call 020 7947 4130, email info@10Eighty.co.uk or get in touch with us via Twitter or Facebook.

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