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Today’s blog post is by 10Eighty CEO and Founder Michael Moran. He has a passion for helping people maximise their potential and believes everyone should have job Michael Moransatisfaction and a successful career and helps organisations design jobs and career paths that maximise employee engagement. 

Globalisation leads to overall benefits for growth and employment, but it can also cost some jobs, and it’s important that transnational organisations develop programmes to help these workers to explore new and different opportunities.

The march of globalisation means more organisations need to develop the effective capability to locate, source and manage human resources anywhere in the world and enable their organisations to manage the wide range of options associated with global resourcing.

HR is working with an ever more diverse and global workforce and it is a challenge to ensure that HR professionals have available to them HR processes that are robust enough to operate across cultures and diverse labour markets. Employees in career transition programmes need programmes that enable them either to remain in employment or find a new job quickly; this should comprise of counselling, job search advice, technical resources, appropriate training and entrepreneurial support.

Increasingly, workers suffer job insecurity and the life-long job guarantee has disappeared. Responsible organisations provide career transition programmes for displaced workers to improve their chances of finding new and better jobs, the emphasis being on protecting and empowering people, helping them move on, set up new businesses, acquire new skills, and rethink their career management planning. This, of course, is very different from trying to protect jobs. The life cycle for technical skills is getting shorter and shorter; any specialisation in technical knowledge will not last a career span. In times of bankruptcy, downsizing, mergers, outsourcing, and off-shoring, businesses frequently offer outplacement assistance, but rarely career re-training.

The rapid pace of change and globalisation alongside shareholder pressure to perform mean that organisations may have to make difficult decisions regarding employees but the impact is not limited to departing employees. Those employees left behind are also affected and, if redundancy is badly handled, the effect upon an organisation can be serious.

It is vital to handle displaced workers professionally, not just for the individual but for the reputation of the organisation and the motivation of those left behind. Outplacement services can be used to protect the organisation’s image and brand from adverse publicity that sometimes arise from staff lay-offs and the potential for former staff to criticise the organisation.

Managing effectively across multiple cultures is one of the toughest tasks facing HR professionals in transnational organisations. Creating structures to identify and deal with specific cultural problems an organisation may face and processes to deal with HR administration in a multi-domain structure is a necessity in the modern workplace.

The GOA helps individuals make successful career transitions. GOA works with organisations to ensure they manage change, maintaining their employer brand at the same time helping their employees’ maximise their potential.

This year’s GOA conference was held last week in Louisville at which 15 participating members came together to share best practice in outplacement.

Michael is Chief Executive of 10Eighty. 10Eighty is a career and talent management consultancy that helps organizations maximize the contribution of their employees by ensuring satisfying jobs and careers for their employees. Michael is a Human Resources professional, having worked in the National Health Service, Insurance, Commodities and Derivatives industries. He has worked within the career coaching business for fifteen years, both managing a £7 million business and delivering bespoke, one to one career coaching. In the last 15 years Michael has run businesses that have helped 75,000 people make successful career transitions. He is a frequent commentator in the press/media, which includes a range of topics on “successfully managing your career” and talent management. Most recent media mentions have included BBC South, CNBC, Radio4, Financial Times, City AM, Financial News, Evening Standard, The Sunday Times, The Grapevine and HR Magazine, to name but a few. He writes a careers column for People Management, a blog for the Human Resources Magazine and is a regular contributor to The Thompson Reuters HR Portal. Michael is known as a thought provoking speaker in the HR industry. In the last 18 months, Michael spoke at the Careers Partner International Conference, NHS breakthrough conference, NHS North West Leadership Academy, London School of Economics, University of Westminster’s Talent Management Conference, ICAEW Finance Directors Conference, CIPD learning and development conference and CIPD branch seminars. He is also Chair of the CIPD’s Central London Branch. Additionally is a non executive director of Marshall ACM, an e-learning company and the Total Reward Group, a compensation and benefits consultancy. Michael plans to publish his book “The guide to everlasting employability” in the Autumn 2012. He has just launched an iphone app “careers snakes and ladders” and an online interactive version of the book in collaboration with Marshall ACM to coincide the launch of his new business 10Eighty. Michael has a degree in Economics, a MBA from Warwick Business School and is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development. He holds an accreditation from the British Psychological Society for the use of psychometrics. Michael has completed the Fairplace Internal Accreditation Programme, the training element of which is externally recognised by the Association for Coaching. Michael Moran was until January 2012 Chief Executive of Fairplace and a main board director of Savile plc, the career and talent management consultancy. Fairplace is part of the Savile Group, an AIM listed plc. The Savile Group was placed 16th in the Sunday Times top 100 small companies in 2010.

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