Michael Moran discusses Engagement and Careers on Engage for Success podcast

Engage-for-Success-Podcast“If video killed the Radio Star, what will a radio podcast do for employee engagement?”

That’s the question 10Eighty CEO Michael Moran asked himself a couple of days ago before he was interviewed on the Engage for Success podcast (or ‘radio show’ in old money).

True to form he made the case for an employee-centric approach to business. Here’s how the song goes, stop us if you’ve heard this one before:

If you know what is important, what motivates, and what it is the employees like doing and consequently does well, and you take this information and sculpted it to the job, you’ll end up with a highly engaged, highly productive workforce. As we all know engaged employees make for profitable businesses.

So Michael duly spoke to Jo Dodds on Show #221 of Engage for Success Radio on the topic of ‘Engagement and Careers’.

We’ve mentioned Engage for Success movement in previous blog posts and took part in one of their conferences in 2015.

Engage for Success are an inclusive organisation committed to the idea that there is a better way to work by releasing people’s potential and capability at work, spreading the word about employee engagement and shining a light on good practice. They are widely supported across the UK by the public, private and 3rd sectors.

You can find out more about Engage for Success by visiting their website, join in the wider conversation using #E4S or you could join their LinkedIn Groups.

Listen to Michael discuss engagement and careers:

Michael puts the case for developing the skills and careers of your people, which he appreciates for some organisations is double-edged because well-developed people may leave. But, he argues, if you don’t develop them, they’re even more likely to leave…

You can also listen to and subscribe to the Engage for Success podcast/radio show on iTunes.

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