Liz was recently interviewed by Kris Thorne for her Making Work Work interview series on ‘How to Navigate COVID Career Changes and Land on Your Feet’.

Kris and Liz talked about career coaching since the pandemic and lockdown have meant many of us have put our careers on hold and for some, this will involve a rethink and redesign of their career path.

Describing the career diagnostic as ‘a bit like unpeeling the layers of an onion’, Liz told us that she starts the coaching process with a discussion of personal values, which typically don’t change over time, and then linking this with career engagers.

Seizing opportunities

Career values shift over time, work-life balance matters to new mothers, security matters to some workers whereas others seek progression, and recognition matters to some and not so much to others.

Regular career conversations facilitate real employee engagement, working with management and co-workers in alignment with corporate values and mission.

It’s important to be able to articulate your values and craft an elevator pitch that expresses your workstyle and personality.

Build in contingency time

Liz is a planner but points out that it is important to be realistic and allow yourself some contingency time and not beat yourself up when circumstances mean that plans change.

Most people are not good at career planning; however, for long term success planning ahead with an ultimate goal in mind is essential. Visualise what you need for success, perhaps what your CV will look like in five years’ time; Kris called this ‘mapping the dream’.

It’s important to look at transferable skills and using techniques like the ‘Career Line’ and using a functional skills-based CV that emphasises what you can do rather than what you have done.

Linking in

In some ways Liz says, a LinkedIn profile is more important than a CV; LinkedIn is invaluable for job search and personal marketing. 10Eighty help individuals to build an excellent profile which recruiters will spot and use recommendations and groups effectively.

Strategic networking relies on the quality of your network; how well you know contacts, your investment in your network and how they can help you. Networking is a reciprocal arrangement and a skill for life, not just a job search tool; help others and they are more likely to help you. So, the key to networking is building trust.

Liz counsels not to be afraid to ask for a favour, perhaps for an introduction, you never know where an old or a new connection may be able to help. Do think long-term in building your network and maintaining relationships with connections; spend time on segmenting your network so you can identify a point of purchase in terms of job search.

The coaching journey

A lot of coaching is about building self-confidence and self-awareness before targeting companies and roles. Alongside this, interview skills can be quite a daunting area to tackle, Liz concentrates on competency-based interview practice and preparing a personal storyboard for interviews.

One of the common myths is that people often think it is easier to get a job when you are in a job, but Liz suggests that giving time to your job search is important and finding a job can be a full time job.

Her key advice is to focus on networking, whether you are looking for something different or a new role in your field. She also suggests finding a mentor is a great asset, ask your HR department or your network for suggestions.

Online career transformation

Liz uses an online portal to help people navigate the career landscape and focus on job search and career planning, including skills and a range of advice that support the coaching programme. Online platforms can also help clients focus on their strengths which is invaluable in career path planning. 10Eighty have a YouTube channel that help clients cope with career transformation.

The pandemic has meant, of course, that coaching is currently all virtual and online rather than face to face. Workshops have proven to run efficiently online, albeit broken into smaller, bite-sized sessions and co-ordinated with an interactive workbook. Creativity and agility are at a premium in times of crisis and helping clients to build those skills alongside resilience are key to career success in our new environment.

Ending on a cheerful note, Liz suggested that her ideal alternative career would be as a sub-editor on a tabloid as she’d love to write the punning headlines on the splashing stories!

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