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Emma MitchellToday’s blogpost is by Leadership and Management Director, Emma Mitchell, a People Development professional with 2 decades plus experience of training and coaching business professionals from many sectors. Her focus is developing people and maximising their potential for leadership through coaching and training facilitation.

Have you ever tried to host a lunch and learning session at work? Learning is definitely more fun when food and drink is involved.

But what can you achieve in around 60 minutes? In today’s Fun Friday post we look at ways to get the most out of learning at lunch.

We’ve all probably experienced those feel-like-they’re-thrown-together sessions experienced whilst chomping on tepid pizza. You leave with stomach and brain only partially satiated craving more substantial fare, both gastronomically and intellectually.


So why do organisations hold these lunchtime seminars? Often, they are seen as a quick and easy way to promote an agenda or for someone to add another hour to their annual CPD total.

At 10Eighty we think ‘Lunch & Learn’ sessions are an excellent forum for promoting creative thought or looking at new issues with a different lens.

Nowadays we now have access to unprecedented volumes of information, so all types of learning should reflect that fact and help to broaden minds not narrow horizons.

The best ‘Lunch and Learn’ sessions should have a positive impact on employees, focusing on how they can benefit them rather than the organisation.

That means avoiding worthy but dull ‘Lunch & Learn’ topics. Often the best ‘Lunch & Learn’ sessions have no direct links to the jobs in the organisation. This enables attendees to reflect on different aspects of their personal life and offer topics that will appeal to a more diverse audience.  You could also ask employees to suggest topics, giving them more ownership of the sessions.

Successful Lunch & Learn sessions can genuinely enhance the level of employee engagement, support the creation of new learning communities in the workplace and bring out the nascent potential within employees themselves.

That’s why we are excited about our ‘Lunch & Learn’ sessions.

Our passion for supporting people to develop their skills has motivated us to develop these targeted workshops that will provide insights into key business skills and development areas.

Find out more

If you are interested to learn more (at lunch!) or would like to run some of our Lunch & Learn sessions, we would be happy to discuss this, please email or call 0207 947 4130

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