How does your organisation share learning?

Are you collaborating or learning in a bubble?

Leadership Cloud iPad displayWith 10Eighty's Leadership Cloud you can increase the effectiveness of collaboration across your organisation by sharing learning ‘out loud’ and adopting the friendly functionality of social media… because nowadays, you can’t learn in a bubble (see video below). Our Leadership Cloud is driven by collaborative learning at its best, because it:
  • Can be highly customised, delivered to individuals, to groups, or the complete leadership population;
  • Cuts across hierarchies and taps into an organisation’s collective intelligence, creativity and innovation;
  • Facilitates dialogue within a leadership population, enabling CEOs to communicate and get feedback on their strategies in real time;
  • Builds high-performance, a step-change in engagement and delivers a rapid ROI.

What are the business benefits of Leadership Cloud?

The Leadership Cloud
  • Learning in the workplace or when it suits the learner
  • Shared knowledge
  • Develops learning agility
  • Builds management capability to increase employee engagement
  • Very cost effective form of learning, delivering a significant ROI
Leadership development can be delivered to individuals, to groups, or the complete leadership population. Naturally our Leadership Cloud can be accessed across all devices: desktops, laptops, mobiles and tablets.

What they say about our Leadership Cloud

"No one used to know or care who the HR Director was. Now I get stopped by people who come up, comment and share insights with me on something I posted on the Cloud." Gill Taylor, HR Director, MBNA

Watch 'Pop  your Learning Bubble'

Take a look at this two-minute animated video about the benefits of collaborative learning: