Global Talent for Competitive Advantage

Career planning for global talent

Global Talent for Competitive Advantage

“Getting to the table sooner”

This first research report, written by Stacey Reynolds our Managing Director for the Middle East, examines the growing issue of the lack of global talent.

The research has been conducted in response to first-hand evidence of an acute global talent shortage and a seeming lack of strategic long-term responses to deal with the deficit between supply and demand.

The report draws upon current literature, case studies and primary research in 17 international organisations, across eight sectors and three continents alongside our experience in career and talent management.

The title choice: “Global Talent for Competitive Advantage: Getting to the table sooner” was selected as it is apparent that organisations who have already identified the demand supply imbalance and have implemented effective interventions are getting to the global talent management table earlier. These organisations are better placed to respond to changing international markets and establish competitive edge.

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…and you’ll receive a comprehensive review of current literature and primary research across 17 international organisations on this topical subject. Then take the challenge and review your organisation against these five starter discussion questions:

1.  “My organisation has a clear and positive corporate message on career development for all employees. It explains what we give as well as what we expect our employees to do. Our message is that… “
2. “Our employees can make a sideways move to another department, work area or country. They can do this by… “
3. “Our managers are clear what their role is in relation to the global career development of their team and have the skills, knowledge and confidence to carry out this role. Their role is to… “
4. “It is important to know that we are actively developing a healthy supply of future global business leaders and giving them the right career experiences. Our current leaders do this by… “
5.  “We use our HR metrics and business strategy to balance our global talent needs. We do this by… “

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