This Policy Statement has been prepared in response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) global pandemic; 10Eighty is required to undertake a risk assessment of the workplace and to implement control measures to reduce COVID-19 related risks of transmission. The Policy sets out the measures that 10Eighty has put in place to minimise the risks to staff, coaches, and clients.

Please read 10Eighty’s COVID-19 Policy below.

Your 2024 Career Plan

Your 2024 Career Plan

New Year resolutions are about deciding what you want to achieve in the year ahead. Your career plan is more likely to succeed if you review and adjust your plan on a regular basis.


A 10Eighty Christmas

The 2023 festive season officially opened with the 10Eighty annual Christmas party for sponsors, clients and colleagues.

Good work

Good work for all

What constitutes ‘good work’ may be debatable and we’re discussing the CIPD 2023 manifesto and their take on what good work looks like.

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