Fuel50 take the 2020 Talent Challenge at the Sydney HR Leaders Forum

We wanted to tell you about the outcomes from the HR Leaders Forum –  the 2020 Talent Challenge – a 2-day event about the future of HR, that our New Zealand partners, Fuel50, were lucky enough to attend. They joined a group of HR Champions who, like 10Eighty, advocate the need for better career experiences in organisations.

Organisations such as Telstra, AirBnB, BBC, Australian Army, ANZ shared inspiring stories about company culture that demonstrated how shifting the focus to your people pays dividends to your organisations’ success. The 5 recurring themes from the forum were:

1. Technology is disrupting the future workforce

Alex Badenoch of Telstra spotlighted that by 2020 job functions will have experienced a massive fundamental shift.  Anne Fulton, Fuel50’s CEO  presentation ‘The 2020 Talent Challenge’ asked the audience: ‘What did you want to be when you grew up?’ A question highlighting the stark reality of today’s workforce trends. Due to the increase in AI and robotics, 6% of jobs are expected to be completely eliminated.


Organizations around the world are looking to tackle the talent crisis. Employees are asking questions such as:

“How do I ensure my job won’t become obsolete?”
“How do I develop my skillset to stay relevant in my organization?”
“I can’t see a future here, should I start looking elsewhere?”

Technology can offer unique opportunities to increase the career experience and, as Michael Stanley from Vodafone Australia pointed out, it can also be fundamental to transforming learning.

2. Power in people

People matter and human interaction is still key, it’s all about achieving balance and creating the right conditions for people to flourish.

Joe Barr of John Holland highlighted, “being true to your values is always going to get you home; as long as you are true to your values people will see authenticity.” Alignment among your team on the ‘why’ and aligning HR strategies to what’s important within the organisation can be transformational, not just for business, but for your people too.

3. Importance of Leadership

There were many valuable insights surrounding leadership and how becoming a bit more human and ‘real’ could be key to becoming more engaging and accessible to your colleagues.

Kathryn van der Merwe (ANZ Australia) said that in order to fully thrive as a leader, communication channels need to stay open – particularly during times of change. She admits, it does take effort but is extremely worthwhile.

For leaders, change is a golden opportunity – become a champion of change. Another hot tip is to identify talent and talent leaders within your team, and then empower them.

4. Video is bigger than ever

James Brennan of Kaltura shared that video is the language the new generation speaks. Did you know that in 2018, 75% of workers will interact with video over three times daily?

5. Talent Agility

The universal goal of the forum was to stay ahead of the game to deliver the best HR solutions for your people so talent agility was a key topic.

Anne’s presentation encouraged audiences to reimagine talent management. She argued that the Old School talent matrix is not delivering workforce agility.  HR leaders need to drive change. As Ashley Winnett, Executive Director HR of Holden Australia pointed out that change can hurt, but it’s necessary to prepare for the future, organisations need to find the courage to adapt and evolve.

So what does career agility need to look like today for a 2020 world? Anne’s presentation should provide you with some useful insights, just click on the image below:Talent Challenge

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