How Do We Keep Our Employees Engaged and Happy?

With our Fuel50 CareerDrive


How an organisation-wide careers focus = a step change in engagement


Tracks career engagement across organisations; enhanced understanding of primary drivers and motivators for key groups; identify organisational talents and analyse skills gaps; measure career progress; develop an agile and career-engaged talent pipeline; support succession planning; increase engagement for enhanced productivity and profitability.


Supports powerful, productive and connected conversations with employees; gain deeper insights into team motivators, drivers and talents; fully appreciate the untapped talent and potential; develop engaged employees who work harder, stay longer and go the extra kilometre!


Delivers individual profiles and career plans; employees have the tools to manage, track and own their career; undertake skills analysis for easier access to internal opportunities; locate an inspiring mentor; achieve career objectives and a truly rewarding career.


Fuel50 to Engage Your Employees

Engaged employees are more productive, loyal and present, generating high levels of customer satisfaction and shareholder value.

Build your career plan 

Fuel50 generates interactive worksheets that help employees to create career plans.

Create your profile

A personal Fuel50 profile is like an internal LinkedIn profile. Now employees can promote themselves on your internal system or the web.

Support connected conversations

Gain powerful insights into your workforce by equipping leaders with employee-driven data and resources to deliver connected conversations.

Manager resources

View leadership development journey and access questions, discussions and data about team members to enable connected conversations.

Mentor matchmaking

Employees can view approved mentors’ profiles, then contact their preferred mentor to determine they’re the right person to help them achieve their professional goals.

Supporting the HR function

It's easy to discover ‘hot roles’ and identify ‘blocked roles’ (employees happy in their role with no plans of leaving), and keep an eye on succession risks.

75% of employees are more likely to stay with a company longer if they feel their concerns are being heard
Ultimate Software

92% of employees say their career satisfaction depends on having engaging tech to help them along
Business Wire


What People Are Saying about Fuel50...



“It’s easy to access. Straightforward and takes only a short time to complete. But the insights have real depth. Reports are so valuable for realising people’s potential and having more focused conversations.”

Clara Barraclough (DS Smith)



“Delivers a clear line of sight to your opportunities and a tool to help your employees create great career paths with you.

The solution delivers… higher employee engagement and higher retention. It’s really the first comprehensive solution I’ve seen that truly allows your employees to drive their own career path within your organisation”

Tim Sackett (Tim Sackett Project)

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