10Eighty CEO, Michael Moran and Ethical Angel CEO, Alexander Fahie discuss their partnership, what the Ethical Angel platform is and how it helps to develop skills for individuals through experiential learning.

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Ethical Angel was set up to benefit business and charities; Alexander designed a platform to link learners with real life charity projects so they essentially learn on the job while doing useful work for a range of good causes.

Charities are not charged, they made aware of resources the platform offers which includes learners who they are matched with to work on projects for the charity.

Who we help

Charities cover dolphins, elephants, youth groups – NSPCC, Cancer Research UK and the Scouts, but also smaller charities too. Corporate clients are in all areas from financial services to start-ups and academic institutions. They all want to foster a fantastic environment for learning and development, a learning culture using innovative technology.

Ethical Angel is a change accelerator and believe that ‘learning by doing’ is the most effective way to learn. Opportunities to try something new, more experiential, personalised, engaging, and immersive is important in the current environment. Pricing is based on the number of learners a client company needs to support, using a licence system.

Michael talked about some work 10Eighty delivered with MBNA which involved working with local charities that was invaluable because the learners were working in a new environment. The Ethical Angel platform facilitates projects like this in a way that makes it easy for 10Eighty to offer a new kind of learning experience.

How we help

The platform looks at where clients want to focus their learning and then matches their interests and demographics with engaging opportunities. So, whether a learner wants to focus on empathy or data visualisation, they can be matched with a good cause project that will allow them to work on those skills.

The platform allows corporate clients to see where their learners are spending their project efforts, how they are achieving their goals, the impact they are having, gaining feedback from charities and data on learner activity.

Ethical Angel provides experiences that help people learn and the partnership with 10Eighty helps our career transition and coaching clients grow and develop. Alexander explained that success will be predicated on learning in the real world rather than via AI-mediated virtual learning. Making the real world a better place is at the forefront.

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