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Originally released in 2016 we’re re-promoting Executive Coach Gill Amos’ White Paper ‘Women’s Careers: What Helps? What Hinders’ for International Women’s Day 2018.

The White Paper, based on Executive Coach Gill Amos’s research into what helps and what hinders women’s careers. reveals two factors:

  • extrinsic factors determine whether you are able to exploit opportunities as they present themselves, these are: you need informal career support, the support of your manager, luck, and you need to have developed your personal brand.
  • intrinsic factors such as drive, resilience, adaptability, confidence and the ability to take career risks are also essential to career success10Eighty Womens Careers White Paper

Interestingly recent legislation gender pay reporting is now attempting to address this issue by requiring employers with 250 people to publish statutory calculations every year that show how large the pay gap is between their male and female employees.

Gill’s research identifies ‘blockers’. Again using the extrinsic and intrinsic factors model: extrinsic factors are children, a poor manager and male behaviour that looks after other men; intrinsic factors such as self-confidence and self-esteem.

Eradicating blockers to equality

More importantly, the research identifies what both individuals and organisations can do to eradicate these blockers. The individual needs to know themselves.

Our career pathing software Fuel50 helps to identify what motivates the individual, what it is that they enjoy doing and are good at. These factors are essential to successful career planning. You need to build a network. We believe that investing in helping people in your network is vital to them helping you. You need drive and resilience. Being prepared to negotiate your career goals is also important.

Organisations can facilitate career development for women by establishing role models, sharing success stories, putting in support networks and the mandating of unconscious bias training of all managers. The provision of career management support tools will significantly help to deliver more role models, share success stories and give women line of sight of opportunities across the organisation.

Michael Moran, CEO of 10Eighty believes “Too many organisations fail to tap into the potential of their people. People development all too often is left to chance. It is okay to say career management is the responsibility of the employee, but you have to put in place the infrastructure in which people can plan their careers. You have got to facilitate and enable employees. Organisations that leave career development to chance will lose their best people, fail to engage their employees and subsequently underachieve as businesses”.

Since we released the White Paper gender pay parity has found real momentum via the Times Up and #MeToo movement, originating in the ubiquity of sexual harassment, it has widened its scope to address the position of women in the workplace and the wider world, encapsulated in the new hashtag #PressForProgress.

International Women's Day Women's Careers

Download Gill’s White Paper

Click here to get your own copy of ‘Women’s Careers: What Helps? What Hinders’.

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