Outplacement, globalisation and collaboration

Today’s blog post is by 10Eighty CEO and Founder Michael Moran. He has a passion for helping people maximise their potential and believes everyone should have job satisfaction and a successful career and helps organisations design jobs and career paths that

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Outplacement for the senior team


Providing an outplacement service sends a strong signal that an organisation respects outgoing employees and provides reassurance for existing employees. Read our blogpost to find out more.

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Career management for a changing world


Do you have a clear understanding of “career capital” – the skills, values, aspirations and potential of the workforce? It can support effective career management and help leaders to reshape the team,

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Outplacement and managing the employer brand


Protecting the organisational image and employer brand is crucial, particularly during the outplacement and recruitment process.

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High-quality outplacement: a beginning, not an end


High quality outplacement focuses on understanding an employee’s needs and helping them to develop the self-marketing skills that put them in a good position in a competitive job market.

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Optimum outplacement


For optimum outplacement services a high-touch tailored transition support can help executives identify a wide range of opportunities and find roles to resonate with values and aspirations

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10Eighty at the Global Outplacement Alliance Conference 2017


Michael Moran, 10Eighty’s CEO spoke at the 2017 Global Outplacement Alliance conference about the European outplacement industry and its relationship with ACF Europe.

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Face time makes a difference


The one-size fits all e-outplacement option is doubtful. At 10Eighty we recommend some quality face time as one-to-one career coaching can be the most effective way to secure a new role

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NHS Direct case study in Guide to Outplacement and Career Management

Guide to Outplacement & Career Management 2014

Page 22 of HR Grapevine’s annual guide features a case study about our work with NHS Direct

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NHS Direct article in HR Director Magazine


“Uncertain Prognosis” relates how 10Eighty supported NHS Direct during a period of profound change for 3500 employees

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Liz featured in Telegraph article on outplacement

The Telegraph Logo 2

Our very own Liz Sebag-Montefiore discusses the positives that can emerge from redundancy with Daily Telegraph Job Editor Alan Tovey

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