December 7, 2018

Shannon Rowlands

From the get-go Z Energy, a fuel supplier that emerged from Royal Dutch Shell, was determined to do things differently. And they did, and how!


It was Z’s belief that personal and career development is for everyone and that the work environment is a personal growth experience, not just “work”. Z cared deeply for their people and motivated them to do their best individually and collectively as an organisation.

In the Z Energy Career Engagement Story you’ll discover the incredible progress they made over just 3 years.

3 Years of Sustained Career Engagement

The Z Energy Case Study maps out the milestones of a 3-year career engagement journey and the different areas that Z focused on each year to build a career engagement shift across the organisation.

“As we get clearer as a business on what matter most to us, we want our people to get clearer on what matters to them.”
Mike Bennetts, Chief Executive Officer

Supporting this process over the 3 years was The CareerCENTRE™ (or Fuel50 as it is known outside the UK) which gave ‘Z people’ a place to explore their values, motivators, talents, career agility and future aspirations, and then share this with their managers.

Your Z Energy Case Study Takeaways

  • Development conversations are not a ‘tick box exercise’
  • Leaders encourage employees to start with what they love and explore job options from there
  • Leaders are questioning the skills people enjoy using, not just what they are good at
  • Building trust and getting to the heart of the matter is helping leaders to discover what makes their team tick
  • Team members really value being understood and having a report documenting what’s important in their career and at work
  • Development conversations prompt people to look in different directions, and carefully consider where they would be happiest.


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