May 8, 2020




What was the issue presenting itself?

  • My client had been off work recovering after cancer treatment for around a year.
  • He returned to work and was fairly quickly told his role had been made redundant.
  • He commuted to London daily and said he expected he would have to do the same in a new role; he was a business analyst within Financial Services.
  • His cancer returned, and he then had to have time off again. His confidence was fairly low when we started to meet again.

Desired Career

We spoke at some length about his situation and how he would prefer something with a work life balance, doing something similar with no preference on location. He was keen to have a job he could go in and do and come home with no stress at the end of the day, being able to switch off properly.  We talked about setting up a Limited Company so he could pick up short-term contracts.

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