December 18, 2018

Shannon Rowlands

Developing the next critical talent cohort

New Zealand-based science company Plant & Food Research employed 800 people across the globe. Their goal? To support the growth of the plant and marine-based industry through innovation.

A review of demographics highlighted that a significant number of senior science leaders would be retiring in the 2020s.

Plant & Food quickly realised the critical importance of developing the organisation’s mid-level and prepare them for senior roles and responsibilities in the future. This required a mindset shift from the day-to-day to one that was more complex and long term.

Critical talent project objectives

The findings led to a critical talent project with 4 objectives:

  1. Provide each person with greater clarity of their career path
  2. Create a development plan for each individual
  3. Prepare each person for the future
  4. Increase the sense of connection to the organisation

“The response from the group was consistently positive, people were delighted to be offered individualised career development attention.”

Supporting this process was The CareerCENTRE™ (or Fuel50 as it is known outside the UK) which helped to provide crucial information for in-depth career coaching discussions.



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